1. Open one eye… feel around the refridgerator.. waffles waffles… where are you? Grin stupidly. There you are! Sluggishly tug the bag… Jam jar slide, slide, sliding… Oh Shit! Open both eyes!… piang!! %@%!%#@ Totally awake now… Pick up the glass bits.. curse and swear… wipe the floor.. pray that there are no more glass splinters on the floor.

2. Damn damn! stupid jar! 10 minutes late. At the door. Stare at empty space. My driver drove off without me. Drizzling, cold. Sigh big time. Ride bicycle to work. Hands freezing, me wet.

3. Stupid computer, still drunk from the coke it drank last Friday.

4. Great. They have finished assembling my parts. At least one thing did not go wrong today. Hum happily. Pick up the fixture. Pins, glass and eyelets start trickling through the gaps. Sheisse! Ah Wei, you bloody idiotic moron! Find the nice lady who assembled the parts for me smoking at the stairways. In broken German, Erm.. I .. didn’t know that .. .. the parts fell out… erm.. sorry… Manage to look utterly pathetic and apologetic. Nah.. Don’t worry! I will assemble them again Brighten up! You.. you will? Phew.. If I have to assemble them myself, that will probably take 8 hours. Wipe sweat off brow.

5. Relieved, walk to the stairs to go back to the office. Aaarrhh… ouch.. !!! Slip and fall. Sit on my ankle. Look wonderously at twisted ankle. This is really my day. Same old ankle which I sprained 3 weeks ago and still hasn’t healed. Pick up ankle, twist it back into place. Stagger down the stairs.

6. Yes.. Lunchtime! Dig around the bag. Pour content of bag onto table. ARGH! Where’s my lunchbox!! From the corner of my eye, I see it still lying on the kitchen table. Prima!

I can just see the beginning of a great new week.

NB : The above story and characters are purely not ficticious.

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