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Ming Ming's Diary – My Papa is such a baby!ย 

Ming Ming's Diary – My Papa is such a baby!ย 

Hey! Papa! What’s up? 

Oh! You want to play while waiting for the food to come???
You want to play pat-a-cake?! C’mon! That is for babies!!! I’m a big boy now!
Oh you want to relieve your babyhood?? Ok ok fine!!! Anything for you Papa!

*resigned look* pat a cake pat a cake. *yawn*



I unearthed a forgotten trove of journals when I was trying to locate one of my old travel journals to plan for my next holiday! 

I marveled at how legible my handwriting was! ๐Ÿ˜ Back in 1998! Now, it has been reduced to a scrawl, though not quite up to the standard of the “Doctor font” yet. (Sigh! It goes to show that no matter how badly I write, I don’t have the potential to be a doctor. Oh well!)

I posted the picture in FB and some very wonderful friends praised my ex-handwriting. Ok! For that, I’ll endeavour to improve my current standard!! 

Some others were surprised that I actually kept journals. Yes! I did and I still do (very sporadically now). I’m still quite old school. I need to scribble on something for my ideas to take shape. 

I used to write in my diaries every day. When I go through them now, memories come back to me and yet they felt like a few lifetimes away. Those were part of me and yet, there’s no way I can write like that now. Not at this point of my life, with the current state of mind. I kind of miss the old me, with a naive set of idealism and can-do attitude (to the point of being “ti ki”). Ah! How nice it was, to be young, to have the “anything can be done” ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ, the silly squabbles, the shallow crushes. 

Looking back now, it seems that I had a whole lot more fun than what I have right now. It’s a chore to be a grown up! But at least I’ve had my good old wild days! Been there, done that!

Maybe, just maybe, one day, I can make the choice to unshackle myself from the mundane responsibilities and liabilities and be wild again?! But by then, already become old auntie already leh. Sigh…!

Everyone should start journaling! You will be surprised to read what you are writing now, 20 years later! It’s like recovering parts of your life. ๐Ÿ˜œ

*ti ki – hokkien for metal teeth. Aka persistent. 

Ming Ming's Diary – Left, Right, Left, Right?? ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–

Ming Ming's Diary – Left, Right, Left, Right?? ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–


It’s a school day again!! I so lub lub school!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Me? Pretty teacher, are you asking me to demonstrate???

You have got the right person. I bang, I bang, I bang. Look! Left hand right hand left hand right hand!

Watch me groove to the beat!!

Chicks love drummer boys. I just need my sunglasses to complete the look.


See! Instant results!! I told you that the drumming stint would work.

For guaranteed success, I even swapped my doraemon mosquito patch with my Jie Jie for her hello kitty one. Look! It’s right on my back.

She tells me that all the girls in her class go mad over hello kitty. I can’t understand why. But heck!! If it works, I can even walk around in the kitty costume!

๐ŸŽตjust the two of us… Watching the world go by…๐ŸŽต

*moves closer* *wonder if it’s the right time to hold her hand now…*


Taylor (the gf on my right) : Ho! Competition!! ๐Ÿ˜ก Ming Ming is mine!!!

Sighs happily…

I’m so highly sought after. Diamond bachelor ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž


It’s ok. Let’s all watch the world go by together. Don’t fight over me k?? Peace….

This is bliss…. Not one. But 2 girlfriends. Told you I’m Mr Popular. I wonder if I can put my arms around both their shoulders at the same time…

Should I should I??? *thinks hard… Really hard…* hmmmmmm…..


Hey!! One minute I was thinking hard, the next I fell asleep. Where are all my girls???

I knew it! I have thought so hard on which girl to pick that I got tired and fell asleep. And now school’s over and they have gone home. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Ming Ming well done!! No wonder polygamy is not encouraged. It tires a man out. Sigh….

But how?? I can’t decide. Can you leave some comments on who I should pick??? Such a dilemma.


I think I should just take a bath. To clear my mind.

Laura? Taylor? Laura? Taylor??
Left one? Right one???

Sigh… Ok ok. Bathe first. Before I tire myself out with all this decision making.

Ming Ming's Diary – Prince Charming *er hem*

Ming Ming's Diary – Prince Charming *er hem*


Check out my fan “comments”!!

Why put basil in nasi lemak?? On tv, don’t those chefs like Olive something (he must have had the chef look when he was born that’s why his Mama named him olive!) always throw in herbs???

So I do that too!!! Just like the great chefs do!!


I overheard Mama telling Papa about the teacher-parent session she had with Jie Jie’s teacher.

“The teacher was telling me that ๅฎ่ด always makes references to Charming during all her show and tell sessions. I was wondering which Prince Charming from which fairy tale. Or if she has some secret boyfriend at school. So I asked her teacher, “which Charming??” She said, “Isn’t her brother called Charming?!” I almost fell off the chair!”


Even Jie Jie’s teacher who hasn’t seen me thinks I’m charming!!! *coughs*

Jiu Jiu!!! Are you hearing that?!?!

I shall henceforth be known as Charming Neo Cheng Ming! Woo hoo!!!

In such a good mood today, people just called me Charming.

I shall now perform A Capella for all of you. I’ve practised it for a whole day today to get it right.

Maybe I can even hold my concert at the new indoor stadium soon!!

Imagine this – let’s have the world renowned A Capella star, Charming Neo!!!

Good??? Good enough for indoor stadium???

Ming Ming's Diary – School's In! Yay!

Ming Ming's Diary – School's In! Yay!


*pat pat face*

Oh hi!! Good morning!!!

I’m just doing my morning facial ritual. It’s very important to take care of your skin so it’s best to start when you are young.

I’m too young??? Haven’t you heard that the it’s never too young to start?? No?? Well now you’ve heard.

Today’s a school day… So I must look my best.


*turns head**killer look*

How’s my killer look? Combined with my facial? Lethal combination to drive the chicks insane.

*blue steel killer look*

Oh man!! I’ve made news in school today.


A tiger came to my school today. All the dainty damsels were screaming…. Help…. Hellllppp!!!

Have no fear! Ming Ming is HERE!

(Check out my cool rhyme!)



*karate chop* *taekwando kick* *้พŸๆดพๆฐ”ๅŠŸ* *้™้พ™ๅๅ…ซๆŽŒ*

How dare you scare all my Mei Meis in class!!!!

KO you tiger!! KO!!!


There!!!! Fair damsel!

I’ve taken out the tiger!! You may play in class unmolested. For when I’m around *puffs out tummy* you will come to no harm!

Fair damsel : Awwww…. You are my HERO!!! *blows a kiss*

Sigh… What to do?? I’m suave, I’m strong ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช, I’ve good skin. In short… I’m simply IRRESISTIBLE!!!

Ming Ming you are DA MAN!!

Woah! All that tiger slaying makes a man hungry!!!

Nom Nom Nom Nom.

See!! Feeding my little 14 month old self without messing up. It’s harder than fighting off a tiger!!


I’ve demonstrated my fighting prowess, now I must show my domesticated side.

Then all the Mei Meis will follow me home. No horse run!!

*kneads dough*


Prepares my utensils and cooking stuff.


Now, watch the master chef in action!



Oooi! Bring me the soya sauce!!!


Carter : here you go!!

Me : thanks buddy! I owe you one. *fist on chest*


Serious cooking happening here…


Good chefs are ambidextrous.

See! Both hands! Both hands!!!

*sticks out tongue* let me check the taste.

Hmmm… Almost there… Just need a wee bit more basil!

*grabs a handful and throws it in*


Flip the food.


Flip again. Almost there… Patience patience.


Checking my simmering soup. All’s good!!


Ta dah!!!!!

Nasi lemak (Jiu Jiu I haven’t forgotten!! ๐Ÿ˜ก) fit for a queen!!!

Mei Mei you can come home with me now?

I’ll fight tigers and cook nasi lemak for you every day!!!

Good husband material I am!!

Ming Ming's Diary – Nasi Lemak.. And an Interview

Ming Ming's Diary – Nasi Lemak.. And an Interview


I had a greeeeaaaat night sleep last night. So I woke up, BRIGHT and SHINY! In an utterly good mood.

Last night, I tossed and turned and rolled and wriggled until…. I found the perfect position!

I rested my head on Mama’s ribs. So comfy! Massaging effect. I love it there. But she kept hauling me back flat on the bed. *grumble*

Anyway on my 4th attempt, I got so warm and comfy that I drifted off to Lalaland. *sighs blissfully*

I love Mama sooo much. I want to sleep ON mama every night. *muak muak muak* ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—


Fwah!!! I found this comment. Don’t use long bombastic words on me ok!!! I know how to google this nasi nasi word!! ๐Ÿ˜ก

My teacher says it’s rude to use 4 syllabus word on people!!

Oh… 4 letters?? Not 4 syllabus??? Whatever…. They are all in fours!! It’s rude to use long words like nasi lemak on people, especially young children like me. Do you know that this can lower my self esteem??? Then I’ll become a school dropout and then I’ll go on drugs then I’ll, I’ll tell my Mama!!!

Mama!! Jiu Jiu just called me a nasi lemak!!!

It sounds like a really BAD word!!! Jiu Jiu! I don’t want to talk to you anymore!!!


Jiu Jiu is a MEANIE pig!!!!!


Hi everyone (ignores Jiu Jiu)! This is Ming Ming. See what a good night’s sleep has done for me??

Thank you for reading my blog. Although I’m very new to all this, I’m so happy to have the support of all of you. *blows kisses*


You want to take my photo? Ok hold on, let me turn. There! This side of my face looks more photogenic. There! At this angle. Yes yes!! Hold it hold it! There! Perfect!!!

Now where was I? Oh ok. All you fans out there. Though I’m nowhere near celebrity status but I like the family family feeling. Like…like an inner circle. Yes that’s right! Inner circle.


*beams beatifically*

If you ever see me in the malls, do feel free to come up and say hello! Autograph??? Thumb print ok??? Palm print also can! Or else footprint?? *holds up pudgy foot*

Oh my favourite food? Simple. BA-NA-NA! BA-BA-NA-NA!!

My favourite song??? Twinkle twinkle little star. *reminisces about the time spent with my sweetheart under the flickering stars…*


Ah huh! It’s time to go home?? But but I’m still bring interviewed. It’s past my bedtime???

Awww…. Why do babies have to sleep so early?


Hey!? Who turned out the lights??? I know it’s bedtime but I don’t sleep sitting up in a high chair!!!

I need a proper bed!!! Help!!! Nasi lemak you!!!!

Where did I learn the bad word from!?? From Jiu Jiu!!!!!!

Jiu Jiu teach bad me!!!

Ming Ming's Diary – I'm a SNAB!

Ming Ming's Diary – I'm a SNAB!

Good morning!! It’s a wonderful morning! Everyone woke up nice and cheery after the commotion yesterday!!!

Jie Jie declared that she was hungry so I gave up my pear purรฉe (which was meant for my lunch) to her. Good brother I am!!

Look! I’m the SNAB in the house. You don’t know what’s SNAB?! Goodness gracious! Which mountain did you come from?? Shaolin??? Wu dang??? Emei???


That’s moi.


Now that all the females in the house are appeased and happy, it’s selfie time!!!

For the cover of the SNAB magazine. Look at my pensive expression, my sexy posture (off shoulder ok!) and well endowed physique (fat is IN,dude! Gosh! Some people can be so ignorant.).

I’m the boy that every girl wants to bring home to her mommy!

Ming Ming's Diary – How to Drink Water Like a Man!

Ming Ming's Diary – How to Drink Water Like a Man!

Good morning Everyone!! Have you missed me?? I couldn’t blog yesterday because my Mama was very sick yesterday.

Being a good son, I spent the whole of yesterday taking care of her and the house.


I didn’t spit food on the floor, didn’t mess up the toys, didn’t lick the furniture yesterday! That’s how well I kept the house!!


So proud of myself!!!!


Ok ok. Enough praises. Shy leh.

The topic for today is…. *drum roll*

How to drink WATER like a MAN!

Yes yes. Many of you are doing it wrongly. I see some people holding their mugs like this….


This is WINE drinking. Make no mistake about it! Please do not hold your water mugs like this!!! Especially with the lotus finger or people will mistake you for “east side no lose” ไธœๆ–นไธ่ดฅ.


Or some people hold it like that. NONONONO!!

The correct way is to…


Hold your mug firmly with both your hands. So that you won’t spill any on yourself of the floor.

Then you tilt your head back and drink!!!


Then you will be able to taste how sweet water is! Especially during a drought like this!! Don’t waste water!!!


Hey! What’s that on the ceiling!?? Is it the darn mossie that feasted on me last week???

Oops sorry!!! Concentrate on your drinking Ming Ming! Bad example!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก


Gulp gulp gulp


Hmmm… Is it stuck?? Shake shake shake. There’s still water in it.


Ok folks, when this happens, according to my past experiences, you need to change your drinking position….


Sitting on the floor!


See! It works every time!!!


That’s how you drink water like a man!!

Ming Ming's Diary – Celebrity Baby Chef

Ming Ming's Diary – Celebrity Baby Chef


Good morning good morning everyone! Welcome to the Celebrity Baby Chef show!

If Ming can cook, so can YOU!


Now folks, the most basic thing that you need to know… Is… To turn on the stove!

Here! Let me demonstrate!

See! I’m so good at it that I can even do it behind my back!!


And now you need to find stuff to cook!

Lalalalala! Let me check out my stock in the cupboard.


Hmmm…. *rummage rummage*

You know, an awesome cook like me can whip up gourmet food from ordinary ingredients…

Hang on… Let me see….


Wait a minute!! Who broke my tap???

Why is it hanging by its hinge??? Gosh! I need to do everything myself! You’d have thought that they would prepare everything before inviting the great Ming Ming to a cooking show?!

*roll eyes*


Ok fixed. Nothing can daunt me… Except… There’s nothing to cook!!!

C’mon! I’m a chef. Not a Harry Potter!!! I can create yummy dishes from any food stuff. But how do you expect me to cook something out of thin air?!

*waves my wand* foodalicious!!!
Hahahaha. See! It doesn’t work!!


Sigh…. I’ve to do my own grocery shopping. You can’t depend on hired help these days…..

I’ll be back!!!! Watch out for me at the next episode of ….

The Celebrity Baby Chef show – if Ming can cook, so can you!

See you next time!!!

Ming Ming's Diary – Cool Babe!

Ming Ming's Diary – Cool Babe!


Woah!! Who is that cool babe?! Oh hahahaha! It’s me!!

Silly me!

Eh!!! What do you mean I look like Stevie Wonder?!



But it is a little dark in here. *wave wave*

Turn up the lights!!

So that I can look cool in my shades and still see where I’m going!



Por Por says I’m so darn cute!! So does everyone!

So happy!!!

Double chin?! Who me???? Mega cute me with double chin??