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Air Fried Salmon Bits Tomatoes

Air Fried Salmon Bits Tomatoes

My folks are away on a holiday and I’m home alone with my 2 宝贝s!! *gasp*

Meals at home must involve the least bit of preparation, washing and yet still be nutritious. Not easy arh!!

I came across a picture of this in pininterest. I made a few minor adjustments to reduce processed food and minimize dish washing. The pininterest recipe called for bacon (which has a high salt content but undeniably yummy!) which I replaced with salmon and it was baked. I did everything in the air fryer so that I only needed to wash the one and only baking tray.

I chopped up a huge piece of salmon. Air fried it for 15 mins at 160°C in the baking tray, stirring it once in a while. The pieces were merrily cooking in salmon oil. Once the pieces were crisp, I chopped up a large tomato into 2 and top them off with cheese then put the salmon pieces on top of them. Still using the same tray, I air fried them for 10 mins at 140°C.

宝贝 walked herself home after alighting from the school bus at the pick up point. She appeared at the door just as the food was done.

Served right up to her nice and hot. *V*


As usual, it’s condiment free. Served with a slice of pumpkin bread we made together yesterday and finished off with a banana.

Yummy and simple. ~signed off by a very hands full temporary sahm. Can’t wait for grandma and grandpa to come home…

Tofu Cheesy Fish Cake

Tofu Cheesy Fish Cake

Laundry done. Check.
Dishes done. Check.
Extra fish cakes stored. Check.

Yes! All done. Hub has brought 宝贝 to her grandma’s place. 1.5 hours of reprieve. Time for blogging!!

It’s the time of the week again. Once a week, it’s cooking time for me. This week, it’s Tofu cheesy fish cake, using the air fryer. Sounds really healthy right??

Ingredients (whatever is in the fridge, again…)
Organic tofu (what’s tofu fish cake without tofu?!)
Fish fillet (you can use salmon)
Shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese
Mixed vegetables
Fresh button mushrooms
Salt, black pepper, spices (thyme, parsley etc) (I omitted these for 宝贝’s portion and added for mine)

Dice everything and dump them in a bowl and I aga aga all the quantity. It’s always aga aga and minimum washing for me!! Make sure everything is well mixed.


Add flour until the mixture is sticky and you are able to shape them into balls.


My not very shapely balls. 🙂 I used the air fryer baking tray. It’s so small that I could only fry 4 balls at one time. Temperature : 200 degrees Celsius. Time : 10 mins


They turned out to be really crispy and puffed up. 宝贝 loved her non salted version. Everything’s done without oil!!


Check out her happy smile!! It’s actually quite filling. She ate 4 cakes and I ate 6. Her praises have inspired me to start thinking of next week’s menu!! Hmm… What should I cook next week??

It’s Cordon Bleu Weekend!

It’s Cordon Bleu Weekend!

I saw someone cook Cordon Bleu and posted a picture of it on facebook. So I had this wave of inspiration to recreate a simplified, condiment free version that didn’t require too much time to prepare. And also to cater to 宝贝’s liking for not-so-rich food. So I had to do away with the typical cream sauce. (she complained about tcc’s spaghetti gravy for being too salty. =.=” I have succeeded in my no salt no sugar diet training on her. Too successful in fact…)

A typical Cordon Bleu involves seasoning the chicken with herbs and condiments. Then bake it in gravy for a while so that it absorbs all the rich taste. Then combining it with bacon and cheese before cooking it again. It’s a multiple stepped dish.

Well lazy me just simplified it to a few steps.

Ingredients :
Chicken breast
Cheese (preferably not so salty ones)

Lay the chicken breasts nicely in a row. If they are a wee too thick, you can pound them down to desired thickness or slice them down. Lay the bacon over the chicken. Then lay the cheese slice over the bacon. I simply used the cheddar slices because they were available in my fridge. Big mistake… They were a trifle too salty. Swiss cheese may be better.

Align the slices to the top before rolling them together. Try to fold over the cheese so that it doesn’t flow out while being baked in the oven. Fasten the roll together with toothpicks.

Beat up an egg. Pour out the cornflakes on a plate and crush them into smaller bits so that they stick better to the rolls. You can use bread crumbs too. Coat the egg dipped rolls with the cornflakes.

Line them nicely on a baking tray.


Pop them into the preheated oven at 185 degrees Celsius for about 30 mins.


That’s the end product. You can make some cream sauce and pour it over. But since 宝贝 doesn’t like gravy. So lazy mom didn’t make any. :p

It’s Cordon Bleu and her favourite steam cherry tomatoes. A thumbs up from 宝贝. 🙂

Breakfast Art

Breakfast Art

宝贝 is a true blue carbo baby. She loves noodles, rice, bread, pasta ….. All the energy giving but non nutritious stuff. Much to the delight of the older folks. They think that I starve her by giving her little rice and loads of veggie, meat, fruits etc. *roll eyes* A starving toddler at 14.7kg at one month short of 3 years old?! You must be kidding me.

Anyway she’s more inclined to eat something that she’s made so here’s something simple n fun for breakfast.

Rainbow Crackers

2 pieces of wholemeal high fibre crackers
1 slab of cream cheese. (she loves the cow brand – whatever you call it)
Lots of dried fruits like cranberries (you can vary them because of their colours)
Lots of dried nuts and seeds (almond, macadamia, pumpkin seeds etc)

Spread a thick layer of cheese on the crackers. Let her decorate the crackers with the colourful fruits and nuts. Easy peasy. Simple to make and prepare. She gets to prepare it creatively and the best thing is… Because she prepared it, she usually eats it all up without much persuasion or coercion!


Pop the Corn AGAIN!

Pop the Corn AGAIN!

I hope I’m not addicted to popcorn! I have been munching more popcorn in these 2 months than I had in the last 5 years!!

It all started from the Cornery popcorn that I ate while watching the Lion King musical at the Marina Bay Sands. Check out my yummy account here. I have been comparing the Garrett popcorn and the Cornery popcorn. I concluded that the Cornery butterscotch popcorn is way superior to the Garrett Caramel popcorn.

I was at Ion Orchard and I chanced upon the Cornery store. One amazing thing – they have a HUGE number of flavors to pick from! Hmmm… what a difficult decision. All look so yummy. I chose the butterscotch (who ever forgets her first love??) and a cheese one.

Cornery Popcorn!

There! My 2 tubs of Butterscotch and Cheese. I still love the butterscotch one! It still tastes WonderLicious! As for the cheese one, I find that it’s not as “well made” as the butterscotch one. The shape for one… it’s not round… And it is not coated evenly, with only one side having a sparse sprinkle of the cheese. You can see that in my photo. The cheese tasted like the snacks that I used to eat as a child. Compared to the Garrett’s one, the Cornery one tastes like it’s out of a snack bag. The Garrett’s one has a full-bodied cheesy taste. It’s nice and round and coated all over.

Verdict : Cheese – Garrett’s has a one up over the Cornery one.