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Month: October 2002

O’Sweet Advice!

O’Sweet Advice!

I really ought to be packing my bags for my long trip back home, but what am I doing now?! Scribbling on my blog. Duh! Just want to take this down, before it pops out of my mind and this happens really frequently now. I wonder if my brain cells are degenerating.

I have frequently distributed advices to my friends (of course carefully thought advices, not irresponsible ones!) and well, sometimes, they do not really need it, but for a second confirmation. Oh, my advices are great — practical, logical, morally and politically correct. Great advices!

But, when the misfortune falls on me, will I have the guts and will to carry out my own advices? I can self righteously declare, yes yes, thou shalt not sin, blah… blah.. the 10 commanments. When it really happens to me, can I take myself mentally out of the fit, reconsider all my choices and act upon the best. Frankly speaking (My negotiation class lecturer would say, you mean you have been lying all along? Well, I have not!), there is a possibility that I cannot make good my own advices.

Therefore, here comes me to my conclusion :

Advices are freely given but not easily practised.

A Loner in the Crowd

A Loner in the Crowd

As I sat in the Chinese restaurant, fidgeting in my seat, sweeping my eyes across the room, I realised that, every table was occupied by either couples, duos or large groups. Huddled in my seat, I was the only loner.

Funny how I stayed at home all day and not feel a wee bit lonely, but sitting there in the middle of the crowd, I felt like I didn’t belong. Which person would be insane enough to eat in a ‘family’ restaurant, alone?! I picked at the tablecloth, feeling very self conscious, thinking desperately for something to do, to drive away the L monster. No books handy as I wasn’t really prepared to eat my dinner out. Yes, I could always fritter some time away by writing in my diary. Therefore, I hurled out my.. little… diary book and started scribbling. People started staring, totally curious about that Asian girl at the next table, alone and furiously writing away. I took down my little observations (When I forget my book in the *MRT, I like to observe people secretly. Discreetly of course, for I have no wish to be beaten up for a split second eye contact.), how some of the Germans insisted on using chopsticks… with plates, a wonder to me. How could they ever manage to eat properly like that, for chopsticks go with bowls and plates are just too shallow? Or perhaps, they were more Chinese than I ever was, for I used a plate, fork, spoon and knife just now. How amazing, the easterners striving to become westernised and the westerners busy imitating the habits of the easterners.

However, I have deviated from the purpose of this passage. Things always do not turn out the way I want them to. THe point I want to make is, when I am alone, the more people there are in the same room, the lonelier I feel. Whereas, alone in an apartment does not invite loneliness. Is this strange? Am I strange?

*MRT = Mass Rapid Transport in Singapore = Subway in UK = S bahn in Germany

The Hamster Escapade Part 3

The Hamster Escapade Part 3

The slimy moron is now back in its prison! Muahahahah….!!!

All it took was a cookie box (Danish Butter cookie, for that matter!), a bowl of food, a stick that was made of little fruits. The cookie box propped up by the fruit stick and the food bowl placed strategically in the middle, that made up the trap. Tired of sitting, waiting, chasing after it the whole night, I decided that, there would be no more hide-and-seek with it. There are tonnes of places to hide in my apartment, and 90% of them are unmovables.

That fateful morning, it had the audacity to run around the room, AND even over my lap under my very nose!!! Pissed, I assembled the trap and left for work.

Later that day, as soon as I stepped into the door, I scrambled into the living room, to check on my ingenious trap! The box was down, the trap had sprung! However, the question was, did I manage to capture it? Circling the box, I cautiously knocked on the top of the box. No squeak, no sound…. Disheartened, oh well, it probably was smart enough to escape from its fate, since it had, still has, such an intelligent owner. I picked up the box, preparing to clear the mess. Lo and behold, it was sitting there, peering at me with its black round eyes. Oops. I have never been faster. I slapped the box right over the same position. Readying its home box (by taping tonnes of paper over the hole, a hundred miles of adhesive tape, and another tonne of paper on the outside of the box), I flipped the cookie box and all its content into the box. Caught but unrepentent, til this night, it is still scrambling around, searching for another nook to escape from.

Due to the superior intelligence of the owner, this episode ended with an amazing speed, with minimal effort!.

~~~ Who me?! My one cent worth of thoughts!! ~~~

Shout Outs!

Shout Outs!

Shout outs = Comments!

One last thought before I turn in for the night. Why aren’t there any comments written, ever since I have enthusiastically added in my comments script. The enthusiasm has died down somehow, when night after night, I exuberantly checked my website, just to find the comments box empty. But, then again, if there aren’t any constructive remarks, then it is a better idea to leave it blank. (Take note, Wenjie!) I can only think of the following reasons on why my comments columns are blank :

1. People have not realised that the little blue words ‘shout outs’ = comments. Yes, that is right. That is the link to the comments box!

2. Everyone do not have any constructive comments to make.

3. Nobody ever takes my writings seriously or even read them with a heart. No heart = no comments.

4. I must have twanged up the 688 hit on my page myself, therefore, I am the only one reading my own articles and hence, no comments from anyone else.

5. Busy working schedules have drained all my readers of their brain juices.

6. I am just another link in somebody’s favourites. Sob.

The Hamster Escapade Part 1

The Hamster Escapade Part 1

I simply cannot believe it!! I have sealed up absolutely every hole in the box, so how did that slimy bastard get out of it? I simply could not understand. Could my devious dwarf hamster have teleported itself out of the box?! Nah, I must have been reading too many sci-fic. Refusing to believe that it had disappeared, I combed through the wood shavings and yes, its droppings, 3 whole times! GONE!!

Still pondering over this mystery, I headed for the shower. I am not sure if this happens to everyone, but showers work wonders for me!! I have solved iq questions, brain teasers in the showers! The questions absolutely boggled my mind for the whole day, but everything seems clear in the shower! Darn! Could it have gnawed its way through my paper security ?! (I have sealed the holes with 8 layers of thick 80 g paper after its previous escape!!) After my shower, I dashed to the kitchen and examined the box and sure enough there was a little hole bitten through the paper at the back of the box, just big enough for that little bastard to crawl through!

To think I had even contemplated on sneaking it back to Singapore and in the process, breaking every single customs law in my country. I swear I am going to poison its food and chop the ungrateful rodent up into micon pieces!!! !@%#@%!& There!! Are you going to report me to the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Association?!!! I will chop it up and cook curry with its meat and feed it to my neighbour’s cat if it is the last thing I will ever do!!!

Just Another Day

Just Another Day

OK, I am up!

Seminar for 3 days. Hurray! A brilliant excuse to get my butts off work.

The curry is eating into my pot, dusts are beginning to ‘dustball’ literally…. The latest effort in beautifying my apartment are the additions of an air freshener and a wc cleaner. At least, when I hit the door 3 days later, the place will smell good, sniff sniff, even if it doesn’t look less like a war ravaged location. Not much of a homemaker I am. I swear that I will wilt and be reduced to ashes if I ever have to be a professional homemaker. My sincerest admiration for all the homemakers out there.

Now, where is my travelling bag?!

~~The Flustered Procratinator…..