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Day: September 20, 2002

Drunk Lappy!

Drunk Lappy!

This•is•just•great! My•laptop•said•it•was•thirsty. So, being•a•kind•owner, I•satisfied•its•demands. See•what•happened… It•got•so•sick, that•it•became•dysfunctional!!! This•is•agonizing, forming•words, character•by•character, with•a•mouse•and•the•charactr•map. Moral•of•the•story — Never•give•in•to•a•computer!!!

Thursday Night Movie

Thursday Night Movie

This is an amazing little town, the one I live in. They do not have self operated washing machines at all, except for the laundry shops which charge about 3 euros for washing one shirt. Duh!!! I will probably be so broke that I have to hike back to Singapore on foot.

“Does everyone have one at home?? I asked my landlord, “Are you going to bring a washing machine here?”


“Are there any washing salons in this town?”

-Blank Look-

“So what do you suggest I do with my clothes?” Fold arms.

“You can use the washing machine in my house.”

“So.. Where do you live?”

He pointed to some *ulu location on the map. “There!”

Ok, great, that would be one hour’s bicycle ride from here. Just great.

So what do all these have to do with the Thurday night movie? Be patient, the best things come last.

That solution didn’t really appeal to me, so I ended up handwashing my clothes everyday! Yes, me! You can’t believe it? Neither can I! This must be retribution!

A guy, I knew from Mainz (the town where I first worked in), came along and moved into the house next to mine. As you could have guessed, he didn’t have a washing machine as well. They should do something with the rental contracts in this town!!! Anyway, after a wild goose chase in vain, we decided to request for the use of the washing machine (one and only one which is coin operated) in the basement of the building in which the company apartment was located.(Please do not ask me, why they didn’t put me there in the first place, to save me all the trouble!).

Thursday, yesterday was Thursday. There was only one machine between the 2 of us!? Each cycle takes about one hour!!! Resigned, we sat down on the laundry room’s floor. Stupid me didn’t bring any entertainment, all I had in my bag was washing powder, a few coins and my cell phone. Thank goodness, the radio on the cell phone worked. He read an Ikea magazine from head to toe, left to right, whatever for at least 30 minutes. I was going to borrow the mag from him and read for myself, what was so interesting in it. Not only that, It didn’t help, that the laundry room was in the basement, stuffy, smell of washing powder, wet clothes, cold floor etc…People kept popping their heads in and giving us wierd looks, wondering what 2 idiots were doing, one reading an Ikea mag, the other playing games on the cell phone… the laundry room.

Next week, there will be 2 loads of clothes and that will take 2 hours at least! *Shiver* I have decided to make a contribution by bringing my laptop and vcds. We have decided to entertain ourselves by watching old movies .. IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM! So tune in next Thursday for ‘You’ve Got Mail!’ (I have watched this like 3 times already!!!!!)

*ulu (Malay) = Deserted (English) = Niao Bu Shen Dan, Birds don’t lay eggs (Chinese)

~~~ Tune in the Channel Laundry Room for the hilarious comedy, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Please go to the IMDB Website for reviews. ~~~