In my years of blogging, I have never got around creating a “ME” page.  Perhaps, a part of me would like to remain anonymous, because I bitch so much about people on my blog and one day, it will just turn around and bite me in my ass.  But then again, what’s anonymity on the internet?  Even a self-professed internet noob like me can “stalk” people easily by googling.  Google really works wonders!

When I first created my blog on blogger, I was thoroughly bored in my office when I was working in Germany.  I have already finished what I was supposed to do and there was just this amount of idle time on my hands.  And what’s more, I had a room all to myself, well, what was I supposed to do? Stare at the 4 walls?  Besides, everything was a novelty to me, new people, new culture, a 180 degrees (I prefer to use 180 degrees because I don’t understand why everyone seems to be using 360 degrees, which literally means no difference – back to the same point) change from my homeland.  There was simply so much to write about every day.  And it really stroked my ego when I had strangers writing comments praising my blog and promised to visit it regularly.  Sharon, who was working in Japan at that time, also remarked that she liked reading it because it echoed how she felt there, working in a foreign land.  Those were the motivational factors for me to blog.

However, moving back to Singapore literally killed my blogging.  Whirlwind of social activities, excuses, procrastination, reduced my blog “fan club” to naught and my blogging efforts to zero as well.  Currently, having to spend days at home (facing the 4 walls again, I think the “facing wall effect” sort of gets my creative juices up and going), has brought me back to the good o’le days of blogging. So here I am. Picking up from where I left off. 

I believe in saying what I mean, what I feel, even if it does make some people unhappy. Hey! Everyone’s entitled to his/her own opinion.  Why say things that you don’t even mean? The world is already a hypocritical enough place, especially in the sales line which I’m immersed in.  Make the blogging world a much simpler and uncomplicated one. Why live to  please others but bring misery to yourself? Everyone’s goal in life is to seek happiness, though happiness may come in different forms.  It boils down to a matter of choice and this is what I choose.

If you are really THAT curious about me, please feel free to visit my facebook page and my twitter page, though I assure you that my blog is a more interesting read.

Live life to the fullest, Zhiwei.

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  1. To each his/her own I guess. Some use blogging to create an alternative persona. Perhaps, an escape from their humdrum lives to portray one that they dream of living. Nothing wrong with that.

    Others use it to open a window into their daily lives in the hope of sharing it with like-minded people. Nothing wrong with that either.

    That’s the beauty of blogging ain’t it?

  2. Hello,

    I was searching about kefir and found your blog where you mentioned you came accross kefir in Tekka, actually I went down there to catch one but unfortunately i could not find any shop selling it. Probably you do not remember shop name, but roughly can you please describe the location (like veggie section. meat section..etc) so that I can narrow my next search. thanks 🙂

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