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My New Air Fryer – The Path to Healthy Eating

My New Air Fryer – The Path to Healthy Eating

I’ve been reading about people gushing about their air fryers for a while. It was some time before I convinced myself to buy it, because of its hefty price tag!!

Anyway, I’ve bought it. I’ve only used it to fry some fish fingers and it’s true I didn’t use a drop of oil. They turned out crispy. But then again I wasn’t a fan of fish fingers.

I cut up some potatoes into strips and made my first batch of home made fries. I soaked them in water for 30 mins to get rid of the starch, brushed a little oil on them and air fried them. They turned out quite fine, though nowhere near the legendary Macs fries. Macs fries are really unbeatable and absolutely sinful, unfortunately.

Then the air fryer just sat there, under utilized, until I checked out the recipe book and googled some recipes online.

I decided to air fry some food for 宝贝’s lunch.


As usual, no condiment meal. I put a piece of chicken thigh into the mesh basket. You can marinate it with the condiments of your choice 2-3 hours before frying or even the night before. Brush it with a layer of oil. I forgot to brush mine so it came out a little dry. Set the temperature at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 mins. If you use a traditional oven it’d take abort 30 mins.

I roasted some cherry tomatoes and some cut up spinach for 6 mins at 160 degrees Celsius.


The chicken turned out a trifle too dry. I must try again by brushing it with a little oil. The tomatoes came out great. Nicely roasted. The spinach was a surprise. They became crunchy, like those dried seaweed that I love to snack on. The next time I fry the spinach, I should mix it with a wee bit of salt and maybe some spices. It will make a good healthy snack, for myself of course.

Quite a good experiment to have discovered crunchy spinach!! 🙂

It’s Cordon Bleu Weekend!

It’s Cordon Bleu Weekend!

I saw someone cook Cordon Bleu and posted a picture of it on facebook. So I had this wave of inspiration to recreate a simplified, condiment free version that didn’t require too much time to prepare. And also to cater to 宝贝’s liking for not-so-rich food. So I had to do away with the typical cream sauce. (she complained about tcc’s spaghetti gravy for being too salty. =.=” I have succeeded in my no salt no sugar diet training on her. Too successful in fact…)

A typical Cordon Bleu involves seasoning the chicken with herbs and condiments. Then bake it in gravy for a while so that it absorbs all the rich taste. Then combining it with bacon and cheese before cooking it again. It’s a multiple stepped dish.

Well lazy me just simplified it to a few steps.

Ingredients :
Chicken breast
Cheese (preferably not so salty ones)

Lay the chicken breasts nicely in a row. If they are a wee too thick, you can pound them down to desired thickness or slice them down. Lay the bacon over the chicken. Then lay the cheese slice over the bacon. I simply used the cheddar slices because they were available in my fridge. Big mistake… They were a trifle too salty. Swiss cheese may be better.

Align the slices to the top before rolling them together. Try to fold over the cheese so that it doesn’t flow out while being baked in the oven. Fasten the roll together with toothpicks.

Beat up an egg. Pour out the cornflakes on a plate and crush them into smaller bits so that they stick better to the rolls. You can use bread crumbs too. Coat the egg dipped rolls with the cornflakes.

Line them nicely on a baking tray.


Pop them into the preheated oven at 185 degrees Celsius for about 30 mins.


That’s the end product. You can make some cream sauce and pour it over. But since 宝贝 doesn’t like gravy. So lazy mom didn’t make any. :p

It’s Cordon Bleu and her favourite steam cherry tomatoes. A thumbs up from 宝贝. 🙂