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Aftermath of Spinach Purée Consumption – Explosion!

Aftermath of Spinach Purée Consumption – Explosion!

I knew it was going to be green. Angry hulky green… I waited and waited. Nothing happened yesterday. He’s decided to keep it in for the day.

This morning it was explosively green!! It practically exploded out of his diaper. Luckily his pajamas contained the effects or it would have been unimaginable. Think hulk!

The result was a great big pile of green ooze plus green powder everywhere. Guess there simply wasn’t enough liquid poo to stick everything together. I did contemplate taking a photo of it. But poo was everywhere. Didn’t want risk dirtying the phone.

Hope you are not reading this while having your breakfast.

Have a green day!

Food Diary Day 7 – Spinach Purée

Food Diary Day 7 – Spinach Purée

Spinach holds the highest iron content among the low allergenic food. So naturally it was the next food sample for 小小宝贝.


*A row of yummy spinach purée in baby cubes.

I used the Chinese spinach which tasted less bitter. Blanche it in boiling water for 1 minute then blend it. I fed him 5 teaspoons freshly made and froze the rest for the next few days.

The texture was different from that of the pumpkin purée so he pushed the initial few spoonfuls around his mouth with his little a while before swallowing them.

A baby’s sense of taste is like a piece of blank paper. Every kind of food is a different experience for him. I like to think that 宝贝 eats almost everything (including vegetables) from no seasoning to seasoning was because we started her on the right foot by letting her taste all the different foods in their most natural states. And we are careful to make sure that her every meal consists of meat, vegetables and fruits. We occasionally slip up when we dine out, though….

So 小小宝贝 finished 5 teaspoons of spinach purée. Quite a fair bit for a first timer. Hopefully it’ll bring some pink to his cheeks and I won’t have to administer iron supplement. I prefer natural food than artificial vitamins. I’m old school…

I stopped his pumpkin purée after 3 days. I made the mistake of feeding 宝贝 with the “orange” foods like pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato for consecutive days that she turned orange! No kidding!

Luckily she reverted back to normal after I stopped feeding her with the orange food. Phew!

Food Diary Summary…

My New Air Fryer – The Path to Healthy Eating

My New Air Fryer – The Path to Healthy Eating

I’ve been reading about people gushing about their air fryers for a while. It was some time before I convinced myself to buy it, because of its hefty price tag!!

Anyway, I’ve bought it. I’ve only used it to fry some fish fingers and it’s true I didn’t use a drop of oil. They turned out crispy. But then again I wasn’t a fan of fish fingers.

I cut up some potatoes into strips and made my first batch of home made fries. I soaked them in water for 30 mins to get rid of the starch, brushed a little oil on them and air fried them. They turned out quite fine, though nowhere near the legendary Macs fries. Macs fries are really unbeatable and absolutely sinful, unfortunately.

Then the air fryer just sat there, under utilized, until I checked out the recipe book and googled some recipes online.

I decided to air fry some food for 宝贝’s lunch.


As usual, no condiment meal. I put a piece of chicken thigh into the mesh basket. You can marinate it with the condiments of your choice 2-3 hours before frying or even the night before. Brush it with a layer of oil. I forgot to brush mine so it came out a little dry. Set the temperature at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 mins. If you use a traditional oven it’d take abort 30 mins.

I roasted some cherry tomatoes and some cut up spinach for 6 mins at 160 degrees Celsius.


The chicken turned out a trifle too dry. I must try again by brushing it with a little oil. The tomatoes came out great. Nicely roasted. The spinach was a surprise. They became crunchy, like those dried seaweed that I love to snack on. The next time I fry the spinach, I should mix it with a wee bit of salt and maybe some spices. It will make a good healthy snack, for myself of course.

Quite a good experiment to have discovered crunchy spinach!! 🙂