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East Coast Park on a Weekday Morning

East Coast Park on a Weekday Morning

It’s been dinosaur years since I’ve some “Me” time. This peaceful hour comes at a price. I’m down with flu with a sneaky fever that goes away in the day but creeps back at night.

I fetched my Dad and 小小宝贝 to his accompanied class but I couldn’t join in for fear that I might infect the rest of the toddlers. So here I am. At the East Coast beach.

It’s a totally different place on a weekday and on a weekend.


I don’t get my eardrums burst by the incessant screaming of children. ( I even get to hear the clash of the waves.) I don’t get run over by the cyclists or scootists (the ones on scooters).

Sigh… Life is good.

I even see this!


I can really get used to this. The thought of doing this full time has crossed my mind. Oh well! Just this moment of indulgence!

Just enjoy the present and the cool sea breeze.

Where’s My “Me” Time??

Where’s My “Me” Time??

It’s always been like this. Everything I get a wave of inspiration or a special feeling that I want to blog about, I’d start on it. But when I’m in the middle of it, something crops up that requires my immediate attention. By the time I’ve put out a few fires and get back to my blogging, the inspiration or feeling has vanished.

Sigh… There are simply too many distractions in Singapore. It is really bad business for any form of creative writing. I’ll need to lock myself in a room, turn off all communication tools and work on it!!

I kind of miss the time that I had spent in Germany, totally isolated and cut off from the numerous distractions. The quality of writing I did over there was much better and of course, being in a new place helped. There were numerous new stuff, quirky feelings to blog about. And a lot of time was spent on self reflection, getting to know myself better.

Right now I just feel myself getting sucked in the whirlwind of activities, doing things because other people wanted to and not for because I wanted to do it. Where’s my space??? Where’s my “me” time???

Home Alone with 宝贝

Home Alone with 宝贝

It has been a while since I last spent time alone in the house, by myself (it has become a myth since her Highness’ grand arrival). And also some time alone with her, just the 2 of us. I took the day off from work as my Mom, who is her primary caregiver, has gone on a short 3 day holiday – Fri to Sun. A very well deserved one, as she has already retired from the working world and should spend her golden years enjoying herself.

The whole house to myself! WOW! After sending 宝贝off to her 1/2 day school, it was spent eating a leisurely breakfast, catching up on my backlog of newspapers, a few chapters of a book that I have taken almost forever to finish, surfing the net a little and then.. it’s gone!! She’s going to be home in 1 hour!

Time to prepare her lunch. Ah.. something different from her usual boring fare of porridge. Hmm.. I don’t really have that many exciting ingredients in my refrigerator. 🙁 I remembered reading my friend’s post on pop corn chicken for kiddos. Argh! I can’t find that post on the recipe! Nevermind, I just had to improvise from memory and rummaged for ingredients in the fridge.

I’m still putting her on a no seasoning home cooked diet. We bent the rules when we eat out. The great thing about 宝贝 is that she eats food with or without seasoning. That accounts for her hefty weight. Hehe. I came up with chicken thigh, some cornflakes, egg, milk, shredded mozzarella cheese… Ok.. good enough..

Zhiwei’s very own corn flake, cheese chicken strips!

Cut the chicken thigh into small strips, just big enough for her to hold with her fingers and eat in 2 bites.

Crush the cornflakes into powder form (Not exactly powder but small enough to be used as a coating)

Mix the cornflakes with the shredded mozzarella cheese.

Beat the egg with some milk.

Dip the chicken strips into the egg and coat it liberally with the cornflake cheese mix.

Lay them evenly on a baking tray.

Bake them in the oven at 220 degrees C, for 15 mins.

And Voila!!

Zhiwei’s Cornflakes Cheese Chicken Strips! I tried one myself, it’s nice and crispy even without any seasoning. Because the cornflakes and the cheese are good enough.

Together with baked cherry tomatoes, heated up some spinach, I used the rest of the cornflakes cum cheese cum egg to make scrambled egg, the chicken strips, all in a plate. It looked quite a lot to me, in fact, more than what I usually eat… But she cleaned it up… And declared that she loved the chicken strips and patted her round tummy.

It’s so nice to have a glutton for a daughter. 🙂