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Ming Ming's Diary – Sensory Play, No Fun!

Ming Ming's Diary – Sensory Play, No Fun!


My papa is doing sensory play with me. The adults have a bee in the bonnet about this!! They make me take off my beautiful socks and walk on sand, grass, carpet (I kind of like the carpet one), bamboo sticks!!! Straw mats etc.

Mama says, “look! He’s tip toeing! He doesn’t like it!”

Of course!! C’mon! If it’s so fun, why isn’t my papa taking off his shoes and doing this sensory thingy with me!!! Look at his feet in the picture!!! He’s wearing shoes while I’m getting my handsome feet dirty!!!


And I have to crawl all over the dead brown grass (as if they were not tortured enough by the scorching heat) for this sensory thing.

Why aren’t the adults crawling on the grass??? Huh? Huh?? Huh?!


Ah see!! Another piece of evidence!! My papa wears shoes on grass while I have to crawl all over!!! Where’s justice??? Where where where????


My Jie Jie gets to play on the swing and I only get to muck around on sand and dead grass…..


Darn! She said she’s done her dues. How long more must I do this drudgery????? *grumble*


Oh wait!!! What’s this?! Good heavens!!! I’ve a BALD patch on my head???? 😭

And I’m only 1 year old!!!

How can I grow hair back??? Can anyone tell me???

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand


Hand in hand, sibling bonding. A peaceful sight.

Before long… The mind starts to wander…

Hmmm… Jie jie’s fingers… Sausages…. Fingers… Sausages….

I wonder what they taste like…. Wonder wonder….

Why bother with wondering?? I’m a man of ACTION! *pops them into my mouth to savour….*


Extremely loud shriek from Jie Jie “Di Di is eating my fingers!!!”

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat is in town! And it’s brought in by the SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre) . I’ve always liked SRT’s productions. They are always very professional, even the ones for the little’ums. I’m coming back again for God of Carnage to watch Lea Salonga in action! Though, ironically it’s a play and not a musical (she earned her star status through her legendary voice in various musicals). It should be good though. I’ve yet to be disappointed by a SRT production.

宝贝’s school did a holiday programme on this book. So the mummies and I arranged to bring her and her friends for this.


Frankly I’m not a fan of Dr Seuss book, not even when I was a child. You either love or don’t like his books. Hate is too strong a word to be used here. The rhyming words are useful when they are read to a child but the content and stories never grew on me.

For a very short book with not much content (sorry to fans of Dr Seuss), the UK theatre company did a very commendable job in translating it to a play. The actors were fantastic, the costumes and props were very well adapted from the book. They even had fantastic theatrical antics that stretched the imagination of the audience. What can I say? It’s an A grade production!! The children had a good time, laughing at the jokes and all.


I sneaked a shot at the stage. :p. it’s useful to have an iPhone. (I love you Steve!!) A pretty good shot, considering the distance from which it was taken and the dim lighting. Yes.. We were not that near and that was despite us purchasing the tickets months back!! The little ones’ theatre audience is really active in Singapore!!!

We let 宝贝and her little friends run around the Robertson Walk area. Nice and safe. That’s another reason why I like to go for SRT’s productions. Nice big safe area for the little ones to roam. Ample car park lots. The Alliance Francais venue is a nightmare. You have to walk a great distance (hauling a toddler) cross the busy roads and pass by various construction sites.


At the fountain. Negotiation in progress.


Aidan with a wide grin. -> mission accomplished.