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Day: September 9, 2002

Along the Boundaries of Sleepland

Along the Boundaries of Sleepland

To leave the warm bed every morning is pure agony. As I fall out of the blankets reluctantly, I berated myself for the late night before and solemnly promised myself that by *knock or by sock, I would hurl myself in bed for at least 8 hours’ rest. Somehow, my debt with the sleep bank never seems to clear, in fact, interests grow amazingly quick. I guess, I will never be able to repay even my interest. At the promised bedtime, 10pm, there will always be tonnes of things to do — loads of clothes to wash and iron, blogs to write, net to surf, video cds to be watched, books to be read, emails to be read and replied, bags to pack etc, neverending tasks. The next time I glanced at the clock, it would be 12 midnight!! Where has every minute gone? Should I wish that the day is longer, or maybe that I need less sleep? Both seem rather impossible. A very hugh sigh….

*eyes turning for a quick peek at the clock* Oh no! See! I told you so!! It is 10.51 pm!!!

Bed or Blog… Make your choice.

Apologies for this substandard entry. I am simply too tired to think coherently, see ya again tomorrow!

*by knock or by sock = knocking oneself senseless against the wall or socking oneself with own fist.