Walk of Silence

Walk of Silence

After provoking comments like “You walk like a dinosaur!” and strange looks from people as I thumped through the corridor, I have decided to make walking in silence the study for this week. Today, I have discovered the miraculous solution and from now on, I would walk as silently as an elephant, erm.. I mean, swan (wait a minute, do swans walk?!), well, you know what I mean and as gracefully as a flamingo. People will turn their heads around, to catch a glimpse of such a beautiful walker. I shall let all of you into this discovery….

1. Take mincing small steps (Walk as if your feet are bounded and will topple any time)

2. Slow is the keyword (An accurate pace would be to reach 100m in 10 minutes, then you will be safe.)

3. A deep breath before treading as though on air before each step (Although you will be short of breath for the first few tries, but practice makes perfect.)

There, now we will have a world of catwalk models. Although this is the secret recipe to graceful walking, I can’t really stand torturing myself like that. Patience, my dear! I do so like to move quickly, get from point A to B in the shortest possible time route, drive at 50km/h above the limit, ride the speedboat instead of the slowpoke bumboat (gosh, I can never spell this word!). To do this every day will shorten my life by a few years each time. Therefore, to upkeep this image, I have decided to walk in slow torturous grace whenever I can. Along the corridor, as a door is opened and closed, thump thump thump, 3 big steps (under the camouflage of the banging of the doors), then small steps again. Life is a then, a little more bearable.

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