Sleepy Head

Sleepy Head

Burp! Too much carboloading during lunch. With a less-than-8-hours sleep per night, that really doesn’t help at all. I think the most agonizing thing in the world, is to brutally force yourself awake, when all you wan to do, is to throw yourself on the table and shut yourself out from the waking world.

Remedies (that sometimes work, but most of the time, not.)

1. Eat choc to pump more sugar content into your blood.

2. Drink Red bull. (Yucks, even the name sounds horrible. I have never tried it before, but some people swear by it.)

3. Drink Cola for caffeine loading. (I personally do not think it helps at all, but I do so like its taste.)

4. Drink a lot of water at 10 minutes intervals. ( This will lead you to the next point)

5. Get yourself into the toilet, shut the door, pull the toilet bowl seat down, plomp yourself on it and catch your 40 winks.

6. Talk to your colleagues. (Especially the good looking ones.)

7. Stick self drawn eyes on paper on your eyelids. (Personally I think no sane person, except for the much idolised *Stephen Chow, will do that. 2D eyes do not look too real after all. Try getting some glass eyeballs, you know, the kind that they use for stuffing animals. Stuff them into your eyes and pray that your real ones will not be displaced.)

8. Prop your eyelids up with toothpicks. (I have seen people piercing every part of their bodies. This might start a new trend of eyelid piercing.)

9. Slap your face. Ouch!

10. Throw water on your face. Works miraculously for 10 minutes. Ladies wearing makeup, especially mascara, beware! You do not need 2 black beauty streaks down your cheeks.

11. Take the day off and sleep comfortably in your own little bed. I think this should be the best solution of all. But for leave scarce people like me, this is unthinkable.

12. Drink coffee or tea. It doesn’t work for me and I do not really like the taste of coffee.

13. Write blogs. (That is what I am doing right now.)

* Stephen Chow is a highly acclaimed comedian in the Hong Kong movie scene. He is especially idolised by the men, old and young, in the world. The amazing thing about his films, is that, it has an hypnotic effect on the male species, who are able to quote the lines from any of his movies anytime. Males tend to have an inclination of rolling on the ground, laughing and clutching their bellies (it is amazing that they have not laughed their guts out.), during the screenings of allhis movies. His antics, e.g. talking to a cockroach, are generally imitated by the less fairer sex, but found to be in poor humour by the rest.

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