A Consistency in my Life….

A Consistency in my Life….

There you have it, another little snip of my life.

Life is full of novelty stuff and excitement, after I have moved out of Singapore on my own. Well, not that my life in Singapore was boring, but it was too patterned. So here I am, looking for new and different things. On the whole, I am still looking forward to every day in this new life, in which, I am away from familiar faces, places and I can do whatever I want.

But no matter what, once in a while, I do get a bad hair day and do want to have some form of resemblance of life to home. No matter how well I cook my Chinese dishes, they will never taste the same as my Grandmother’s. Everything is different here, the short hours of shopping, closed shops on Sundays, different languages, not-so-yummy food (except for the ice creams), well practically, nothing is similar to life in good ole Singapore.

You will be surprised with the little things that I am happy with. I have never professed that I myself am a Macdonalds’ kid. I mean I do eat fast food now and then in Singapore, and yes I do like its french fries but that is about all I like about fast food. Ever since I arrived here, I look forward to eating the Macs’ Fries. Surprise surprise! Now, that is the good thing about franchaises, the management, marketing, sales, products are almost similar. No matter where I go, MacDonalds’ Fries taste the same everywhere. I am contented with this little constitency in my life. =)

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