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Day: July 15, 2002



This is so amazing, this memory just popped into my mind out of nowhere. I think most of you out there must be wondering, which part of my brain has been short-circuited.

Whirla Whip, have you ever heard of it? Me neither til I was 17. My JC* mates brought me to a little shop, very insignificant, if you did not look closely enough. It was near to Dunman High School, yes, so you have guessed. The ex-Dunmanians brought me there. The high cost of the ice cream was offset by the hospitality of the boss of the shop. After the initial visit, we started going there more and more often, after our club meetings. This became a semi regular routine in my life.

I peered into the glass panel, trying to select the best combination of ingredients, that would result in the best whip ever. My personal favourites were oreo and strawberry. The boss collected the bits and pieces, unwrapped a vanilla icecream block, plonked it into the top of the machine, poured the ingredients into some funnel and pulled the lever. Presto! Whirla Whip was done!

We would collect our little whips (the large ones were simply too expensive!), sit ourselves on one of the little tables and yak the day away. Complaints, secrets, crushes…. the things we chatted about….. We became so “arh”* with the boss, that he would go into the room behind the shop and we would yell for him when someone came. I thought he would let us operate the machine one day, if we had stayed often enough….. I will never forget the scenes.

After we graduated from JC and moved on with our lives in university, we simply took the little memory of the whip and tucked it behind our brains. Years passed… One day I drove along the road. Whirla Whip. Where was it? It was gone. Sitting in the place where it used to be, was another shop… Has it closed down, because we have forgotten about it? Forgot about the times we spent right in that little shop? Will our memories one day just fade away, just like the whirla whip shop has?

~~~My One Cent Worth of Thoughts~~~

* “Arh” = Friendly

JC = Junior College, a school that we attend before going into university.