3 Minutes Club

3 Minutes Club

A Chinese saying “3 Minutes Passion”

This describes a person, discovers or start a new project, he or she will work on it passionately and intensively for 3 minutes (figuratively speaking of course!) and abandon it, moving on to a new thing. Yes this is me. When I start on a new hobby, I will dig into it with abandon, forgetting everything around me while I am at it, but the enthusiasm never lasts. I have tonnes of new hobbies, most of them unfinished, sad to say.

Well, Blogger is my latest project. I have written 3 articles in a breath, on the very same day, that I have set it up. I think I better stop posting stuff, or I will run out of ideas and this will be another of my unfinished projects. Wish me luck and pray for my endurance! *grin*

P.S. I have some members in this 5 minutes Club. Thank goodness, I am not the President yet. I can only claim the position of a Vice President or something. Mr. President has more hobbies, most of them more expensive than mine, and of course a lot of unfinished ones too (more than what I have). Therefore, he has earned that position. Nobody had any objections to that. He shall not be named, else I won’t live to see the sun rise tomorrow!

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