Ruled by Technology!!

Ruled by Technology!!

I keep pressing the refresh button for my email. Sigh…. no mails. Somehow, in a way that I have never ever imagined before, my feelings and emotions are greatly harnassed by the power of my emails. The anticipation, turning into joy when a personal mail (this excludes junk mails and problematic work mails) comes in, then I would eagerly reply it at the click of my mouse. Or the disappointment when it turns up nothing. Worse, when work mails screaming of problems appear in the inbox.

The wonders of the email. In the early days, to correspond with your loved ones and friends would take months and months to arrive on the steamship or the rail, then air transport evolved and the waiting time is cut down to 1 week, assuming that the parties stay on the opposite ends of the earth. Then courier services evolved, more expensive, but the waiting time is tremendously shortened. But the most amazing thing would be the Email now. The opposite party receives news from you in a matter of seconds after you sent it (This is provided that the Service provider doesn’t let you down, as it is letting me down right now!).

I love the speed that email provides but ultimately, I am still a very traditional person. I like letters, handwritten, (mind you, not typed, of course). Sheets and sheets of handwritten notes, scribbling, pictures, even the envelope with the stamp and my address on it delights me. Is it more personal, it contains more thoughts than the typical email in which, people report the superficial element of issues. Emails are too fast, there isn’t enough time to think and put your thoughts down coherently.

But still, I salute the technology which keeps me in touch with my family and friends, because I am indeed at one end of the Earth and they at the other.

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