Fine Living in Singapore, That’s What They THINK!

Fine Living in Singapore, That’s What They THINK!

Johannes Festival in Germany. Now, what does this festival have to do with Singapore??

Frankfurt central was full of food carts, not forgetting the beer stalls, loud music and yes, a lot of jostling people. Food is really big in my life, and I get hungry all the time. So, I headed to an Indian stall (which looked rather authentic) and stood around its front, waiting for the stallkeeper to take my order. Someone tapped me on my shoulder… A tall cute guy. *slurp*

“Hey! The queue is right over here!” He gestured to a few people standing around behind him.

Oops. “I am so sorry, I didn’t know that there is a queue.” and I moved to join the supposed queue line.

“Nah! I am just kidding, there is no queue. It is ok, I will let you order first.” He grinned.

Hmm.. not bad, cute and gentlemanly.

“So where do you come from?”

“Singapore. What about you?”

“Germany. Hey! Really?! I heard that in Singapore if you jump a queue, you have to pay 20 dollars for a fine! I heard that everyone is fined for everything in Singapore!” His voice was dripping with sarcarsm. I didn’t think that his grin was cute anymore.

“For your information, that is totally untrue.” I gave him a polite smile and resolved not to talk to him again.

Gosh, I am just wondering, what do people out there in the world think about Singapore and us Singaporeans?!

Well, he was not the only one who thought that way. I have met a couple of Americans and Europeans during my travelling, staying in hostels, in the cafes etc.

One common opinion they have of Singapore is that it is totally rigid, the people are governed by some autocratic government, no minds, no free will, living in fear everyday. I just wonder. Why is this so?! Is it because of the media in their countries? So who said that Singapore’s media is full of propaganda and lies?! Well, I do not deny it, but I think this fairly happens in every single country as well. As for the claims, they are only picking at the surface of it. So much for their self righteousness.

They have questions like,

“Oh they cane you for chewing gum?” Obviously because of the much publicised Michael Fay incident many donkey years ago. And yes, they still remember. *roll eyes*

“They fine you for spitting?” “They fine you for littering?”

Oh please, give me a break. Yes, they do fine us for all this. And I do admit that there are some rules in Singapore, well, probably more than the European countries and America. But so what? While we throw rubbish into the bins, spit into tissues and not on the floors, you have a deplorable amount of trash and spit and yes, dog poo on your streets. So what are wrong with these rules.

Well, some people who come across this blog will probably think, gosh this person has been thoroughly brainwashed by the Singapore Government. *Laugh* So what? I am proud of being a Singaporean, I don’t make sarcastic and snide remarks about your country, so spare mine!

P.S. Some Americans I have met in the youth hostels, nodded, giving me a patronizing look, when they heard that I came from Singapore. Guess what was their next question?

“Oh the Singapore which is somewhere in China, right?!” with a smug grin. DOH! GIVE ME A BREAK!

Glad to say, I have met more Americans who are more knowledgeable.

~~~~~ My One Cent Worth of Thoughts~~~~~

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