Sweat it out!

Sweat it out!

Would you believe it?! I actually played netball today! Yeah! Miss Butter-fingers cum Contact-sports idiot played netball today! I hardly believed it myself!

All in all, it felt good to practically sweat it out! Something which I haven’t done for ages, decades, centuries! (Yeah… I didn’t stick to my twice-a-week-workout resolution. Stop rubbing it in!)

Amazingly, I escaped pretty unscathed. Just one minor sprain (the fourth finger on my left hand, where the netball went smack on it.) and one major internal bleeding under the nail of my big left toe. Sigh… Considering what an accident proned person I am, all the above are trivial. (Believe me.) I could see the blood clotting beneath that pale pink nail polish and it hurt like crazy, after 1st half of the game. It’s amazing that I could still hobble over the courts for the next session. Hmm… Anyway, it all goes to show that pedicure and sports can never go together.

Pedicure, sweat, pedicure or sweat?! Darn! What a tough choice! (You will probably be wondering, duh… how bimbotic can this person get?!) Too much air in the head, oooh, I’ll probably think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day. (Fluttering of eyelashes.)

Whatever.. it hurts like hell now. Probably have to give the toe a break and see what happens next. Hope the nail doesn’t fall out or dangle from the flesh. (shiver. That sounds totally grossed out.) I have never had such experiences before though, because my nails are usually rather short. Vanity, vanity, the price one has to pay or it.

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