Holiday, oh Beautiful Holiday!

Holiday, oh Beautiful Holiday!

I am really looking forward to this holiday. Because, for a change, I have people to travel with me. I am really used to my one-man-trips, a camera around my neck, my backpack full of titbits and sandwiches, water bottle, diary, notebook and digital camera. Yep, 2 of them, did I ever tell you that i am a camera freak? But I still have not mastered the art of photography, despite my picture snapping.

When I travel alone, the great thing is, I get to decide on north-east-south-west, any direction I want. No need for 15 minutes conferences and consultations. But, I seldom get my image on the pictures I take, there are buildings, people, nature, but not me. My lunches would be a book in my left hand and a spoon in my right. I get to enjoy my book and I don’t have to look around, be bored and watch people stare at me. For some reason, I am always being stared at. Haven’t these people seen humanoids before?!

Despite all the great things about solo travelling, I am looking forward to this triple trip, to argue about what to eat, where to go and who gets to sleep on the floor! I haven’t seen them for almost 7 months and am truly glad to see them (or the food they bring over from Singapore?). There are few people who bother to come all the way to visit me. Thanks!

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