O’Sweet Advice!

O’Sweet Advice!

I really ought to be packing my bags for my long trip back home, but what am I doing now?! Scribbling on my blog. Duh! Just want to take this down, before it pops out of my mind and this happens really frequently now. I wonder if my brain cells are degenerating.

I have frequently distributed advices to my friends (of course carefully thought advices, not irresponsible ones!) and well, sometimes, they do not really need it, but for a second confirmation. Oh, my advices are great — practical, logical, morally and politically correct. Great advices!

But, when the misfortune falls on me, will I have the guts and will to carry out my own advices? I can self righteously declare, yes yes, thou shalt not sin, blah… blah.. the 10 commanments. When it really happens to me, can I take myself mentally out of the fit, reconsider all my choices and act upon the best. Frankly speaking (My negotiation class lecturer would say, you mean you have been lying all along? Well, I have not!), there is a possibility that I cannot make good my own advices.

Therefore, here comes me to my conclusion :

Advices are freely given but not easily practised.

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