Healthy Living – Milk Kefir

Healthy Living – Milk Kefir

How I got started on Milk Kefir!

Wow! I’ve taken such a long break from blogging. My phone is bogged down with so many photos which I’ve stored for my blog articles which I’ve no time to write. I’m blaming it all on my holiday and procrastination.

Anyway, here’s something on what I’ve been up to lately.

Milk Kefir! In a nutshell, the good bacteria in Yakult and Vitagen? That’s it! Minus the high sugar concentration in these 2 drinks.

It all started when I was lamenting about the expensive probiotics that 宝贝 was taking to keep her eczema from flaring up. And hopefully, to introduce enough good bacteria into her system that she outgrows her food allergies.

“Why don’t you try making your own?” Celly said. “Very easy wan!!”

I looked at her doubtfully… “Sure or not?!”

Her mom managed to get some kefir grains from her friends and has been making kefir for them. Her son’s eczema condition has improved tremendously after eating it. I have read about people cultivating their own kefir but I never thought it could be done in hot, humid Singapore!

So she kindly gave me some starter kefir grains, with very clear and explicit instructions on how to do it. She even lent me her plastic sieve as I only had metal ones at home. I bought the equipment from Daiso a few days later. So I’ve done a few rounds of it and glad to say, my kefir grains are still surviving!!! ✌️Thanks Celly!!!

It simply tastes like original yoghurt. Sour loh. Only 小小宝贝 eats it in its original condition. Don’t ask me how he does it! He simply loves it!! The rest of us eat it mixed with fruits or cereal!

So how to go about doing it??

milk kefir grains.JPG

This is what the kefir grains look like. The bunch of spongy curd in the container.

Pour milk over the kefir. 100ml of milk for every 10g of kefir.

Milk in milk kefir.JPG

It’s so easy that 宝贝 can do it too!! Cover the container and leave a little gap so that the gas produced during the fermentation can escape. Or else you will be faced with a minor explosion of fermented milk in your cupboard… Something that I don’t look forward to. Leave it in a dark and cool place. I leave it in my cupboard that’s not frequently used so that it’s not disturbed. If you want it to be more liquid (smoothie kind), take it out after 2 days. I prefer it to be more solidified so I “harvest” it after 3 days.

stirring milk kefir.JPG

This is what it looks like after 3 days.

sieving milk kefir.JPG

Filter it with a plastic sieve. The filtered part is what I add into fruits.

filtered kefir grains.JPG

I’m left with the kefir grains after the filtering. Here we go again!

When my kefir grains propagate, I can give some away so that everyone can benefit from it. Hope they grow up soon!!!

1 Dec 2014

Thanks for all the comments and feedback left by my readers! Check out this link for more information on how to cultivate kefir and even recipes with it.

2 Dec 2014

This gets more interesting every day. After I started talking to people about kefir, I found out that kefir grains are being sold at Tekka market! So if you are in Singapore, head there!!

9 Oct 2015

A lot of things have happened since the last update.  First of all, I have changed the sieve.  I no longer use the one in the picture, because the holes were too big and my kefir grains kept slipping through them.  So they were not multiplying at all, as I kept losing them.  On the bright side, they ended up in my stomach, so it’s not too raw a deal. :p

I have since, changed to this plastic sieve and I stopped losing every single precious grain.

sieve for milk kefir I have also changed my fermentation time to half a day.  This is also dependent on the weather and location. As Singapore is a warm country, the fermentation time tends to be shorter than in temperate countries.  If you like a more sourish taste, then you can leave it out for 1 full day.  I have taken it out of the dark cupboard and left it on my kitchen tabletop so that it’s more convenient.  Therefore, the fermentation temperature is higher than the dark cupboard as well.  These are some contributing factors.

I have also switched to glass containers to house the kefir.  Plastics are generally pretty stable and shouldn’t react with the kefir, but since I have glass containers at home, I use them instead.

New Instructions :

  1. Put the kefir grains in a glass container with a wide opening.  I’m using a pyrex glass container. For every 10g of kefir grains, pour 100ml of milk over them.
  2. Leave them to ferment in a cool place, away from the sun.  Fermentation time depends on temperature. Optimal temperature is around 22-25 degrees C. For Singapore weather, fermentation time is around half a day.  If you like it to be more sourish, then ferment them for 1 full day.
  3. Sieve the grains using a plastic sieve with fine holes. Kefir is ready to be eaten.  Store them in the refrigerator.
  4. Put the kefir grains in a glass container and repeat step 1.


25 Dec 2015

Please check out my website Craft & Culture!  There’s a wealth of information on cultured food on it and its facebook page.

26 Dec 2015

The things I do with Milk Kefir! Yums!

27 Dec 2015

Don’t make the same mistake as I have done. My poor kefir starved to death….

30 Jan 2016

Temporary stopgap measure to continue with milk kefir cultivation while waiting for my new kefir grains. Yep! I continued cultivating milk kefir without the grains.



157 thoughts on “Healthy Living – Milk Kefir

      1. According to my source, she said that they would be bought from the Indian shops. Because they are used to make lassi and yoghurt dips which are staple food for the Indians.

  1. Hi, I’m interested to get live kefir. Which store particularly in Tekka? i only been to the food court & the touristy kiosk area twice. Not really familiar with Little India.

    1. Someone told me it could be bought at the tekka market. I don’t know exactly which store. Or you can but dehydrated kefir grains online. You will have to reactivate them.

  2. Hi Zhi Wei, do you have any milk kefir grains to spare? Tekka mall is huge, can you kindly indicate if it’s right inside the wet market or elsewhere? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ming! I’m currently overseas. I’ve asked my mom to babysit my kefir. Let me see if I have extra to spare when I get back.

      I think it’s inside the wet market.

      1. Hi Zhiwei, a note to say that my inbox seems to have a problem. When you do email, I think you better give me a shout here on your blog. Thanks in advance !

          1. Can’t find the reply link on the comment you informed me about your milk kefir grains. So I just hit on any post that has a reply button. It’s ok, I can wait. 🙂

    2. Hi Zhi Wei, many thanks for your reply. No worries, I can wait. Just give me a shout here on your blog when you’re back. Or email me. (Think the email address should be in in your inbox when wordpress notified you on new comments.)

    1. I was away for almost 3 weeks. My poor kefir grains have perished from starvation… My mom didn’t feed them very well…. I’m getting more from my friend. When they have multiplied I can pass them to you.

  3. Hi Zhiwei can I get some kefir grains to try. Have suffered from atopic eczema since I was a kid. Would greatly appreciate it!


      1. Hi Amy

        My grains have multiplied. Would you like some? They will be ready in 2 days’ time. If yes, let me know. Or else I’ll pass them to someone else down the line.

  4. Hi, i wld like to try, to make milk kefir for my child with asd. Please let me know if you have milk kefir grains to spare. Thanx 🙂

  5. Hi Zhiwei,
    I would like some water and milk kefir grains if you have any to spare.
    My hp no is 98309663, I can come to you place to collect.
    Thank you – Casey Koo

  6. Hi Zhiwei, previously didn’t manage to get from Steven, it’s all OOS from his side, please let me know if u’ve extra spare to share. Thanks a lot.

  7. Hi ZhiWei,
    Do you have extra kefir milk grains to spare? This will be my first time trying to make kefir and would like to treat constipation and boost my immune system. I hope this will work. Really appreciate it. Cheers.

  8. Hi Zhiwei,can i get some milk kefir grains from you for my son who has eczema and adhd? Thanks

  9. Hi! if you have any extra milk/water kefir grains, i’d like to get some! It’s for the family and fur kids 🙂 let me know when you do have some to spare (saw that you gave some away recently). Thank you!

      1. Thanks, Zhiwei! This is definitely good news! 🙂
        I have already emailed you yesterday cos I super kiasu 😉 Hope my mail didn’t end up in your spam folder.. My email add is
        Thanks again! Today is a great day!!

  10. Hi Zhiwei

    Do u have extra milk kefir grains to give away? I am staying in East side of Singapore, do you know of anyone in the East side that grow milk kefir grains? My email is

    Looking forward to your reply, thank you!

    Best regards
    Sharon Tay

  11. Hi Zhiwei,

    Do you have any Kefir grains to share?

    I recently read about it and would love to try to make them.

    Thanks 🙂


  12. Hi Zhiwei,

    Do you have milk kefir grains to spare?
    I have been wanting to try milk kefir for awhile.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


          1. The grains I obtained from Zhiwei has multiplied. Let me know if any of you want it.

            Pasir Ris nearby White Sand

          2. Hi Zhiwei,

            So glad to have gotten milk kefir grains from you 🙂 and since they’re multiplying, thought I help with the sharing process when I have extras 😉.

            Anyway have tried using kefir and the extra grains to make bread and it taste great 😊 no need dry yeast.

            So many things you can make with them and it also helps improved digestive system and build immunity 😊

          3. Oh dear!! It’s happened to me before. I have just quite a fair bit away. I will probably have enough to give away in 1 week’s time. Or Ashley can pass you some. ☺️

  13. Dear zhiwei,

    Would love to learn from you and also obtain some kefir grains. Trying to heal my digestion. Hope to hear from you soon. How can I contact or get in touch with you?


  14. dear Zhi Wei

    I am searching online about milk kefir and came across your blog.
    do you have any space milk kefir to bless?
    my kids love yogurt and yakult but I find the sugar content too high hence would like to make my own milk kefir
    I also long heard the benefits of kefir and would like to try.
    hope to hear from u! 😉

  15. Dear Zhiwei,
    I was so elated to read your blog.I have been reading about the live milk kefir grains for two weeks now and was really disappointed for not being able to find it in HK where i resides and work currently.

    Im a singpaorean, and lately suffers from terrible skin allergy 2 years ago. My daughter , son & I suffers badly due to lactose intolerance in milk since young.

    I read making milk kefir drink to drink can reduce /relieve these problems I have due to its strong good bacteria properties.My son likes smoothie a lot so I vcan only use soy milk as a substitute instead of fresh milk.
    I’m very interested to try it desperately.

    I have search in HK and cannot find the live milk kefir grains available.I wonder if you can help and have some grains to give away.
    I’m returning to Singapore on 30/2/16 to 11/2/16 and depart on the 11/2/16. I’m staying at a relative house in Changi and can be mobile.

    Hope to hear or get help from you soon.Many thanks and regards Jane LIM.

    1. Hi Jane! It does help with allergies as most allergies arise from gut health. However, if you are lactose intolerant, you may want to try a little first.

      I know of people who are lactose intolerant and are perfectly fine with milk kefir as most of lactose have been “eaten” up by the bacteria as food and turned into good bacteria. However I’ve also known people who are lactose intolerant and can’t take milk kefir too. It depends on individuals.

      I should have enough for you when you are back in sg.

      Please go to
      Like the page. Then put share it on your Fb with a mention and pm my page in Fb with a screenshot?

  16. Dear Zhiwei,
    so kind of you. I wonder if you knew whether the keffir will spoil if it is placed in my checked in cooled foam box in the airplane baggage compartment.I can be reached by whats phone +852 91867826 if you can contact me. I do not have a face book account.

  17. Hi Zhi wei,

    My father has found that cultured foods have been very beneficial for him as well. He is now into making kombucha, kefir and sauerkraut.

    His kefir is made with powder from iherb tho. My dad is ecstatic with the possibility of getting his hands on kefir grains!

    1. Hi Sindhu,

      I don’t have any milk kefir grains to spare now. So sorry about it. Every single grain has been used to produce kefir so we can’t spare any. And still, we are constantly out of stock. 😅

      1. Hi all,

        Milk kefir grains I received from Zhiwei has multiply.
        Let me know if you need some.
        Area: Pasir Ris near white sand.
        Okay to give away this weekend but will be out of Singapore from Sun night for 1.5 weeks.


  18. Hi my milk kefir seems to die off. Anyone is Woodlands area who is willing to spare some? I am also keen to try water kefir.

    1. Hi ratswithtails, I’m so sorry that I’ve no milk kefir grains to give away now. All of them are in full production mode and we are still behind on our orders. Maybe one of my ex donees may have extra to pass to you.


  19. Hi Zhiwei… Would like to have some milk kefir grains too .. My mini schnauzer have got skin infection … Thank you very much ..

    1. Hi Danny! I’m sorry that I don’t have spare milk kefir grains to give away now. All of them are maxed out in production. We have overwhelming orders for our milk kefir drinks.

      1. Can anyone share or sell me the kefir grains.
        My 2 little ones just went through an antibiotics treatment,
        and they are both G6PD , immune system tend to be very weak.
        I hope to make this kefir to build up their immune system,
        at least not to visit doctor every month 🙁
        my email add is
        Thank you in advance

  20. Hi, I live in Upp Bt Timah. Does anyone have water kefir or milk kefir grains to spare ? I heard that those obtained commercially or from freeze dried do not have as many strains of bacteria . Is that true?


  21. Hi Zhi Wei and Ashley, I am very inspired by what I read here. May I request for some grains please as I am have been sourcing it for many months but failed..
    Hope to hear from you.
    Thanks so much,

  22. Hi, would appreciate if anyone can share or sell me kefir grains.
    my 2 kids just recovering from stomach flu, been diarrhea and vomiting for many times. Heard kefir provides good bacteria, which my kids need.
    i bought online, but the seller didnt reply me after i made payment, and i need the kefir as soon as possible. So i am appreciate if anyone can share or sell the grains to me. thank you 🙂

  23. Hi Zhi Wei and Ashley, could you kindly spare me some milk kafir grain. Am suffering from severe enzema. Also interested in water kafir. Mine is probably dead…not multiplying. Appreciate if you could email me at

    Thank you.

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