Everyone Loves a Fast Food Joint!

Everyone Loves a Fast Food Joint!

One more blog today! This is a BONUS addition. You read one entry and you get one more free!! This is worth US$25!! Doesn’t that look familiar? That’s what all the internet marketing websites do to promote their products. Right, I’m deviating……

Right. Fast Food Joint. Everyone simply loves a joint. You get air conditioning. You don’t get threatening glares at your back or people hovering over you, in fact, almost falling over you as you take a last sip of your bak kut teh soup. You don’t get waiters or waitresses asking you for your orders, politely hinting,”hey! Get your ass off the seat! You are holding up our other customers!”

Where I work, there are tonnes of fast food joints. (My personal favourite is the Macs at Boat Quay, discounting its north pole-like air con system.) Burger King, Mos Burger, Macs, Subway, Yoshinoya… you name it, you get it. Too bad there isn’t a KFC. Hey! KFC! Are you reading this! Open a joint at Shenton! Burger King at OUB Centre is another one that I frequent. Big, spacious….Full of insurance agents and MLM people.

Yeah, that’s right. According to Ah Wei’s statistics, (hah! You must be wondering how many times I frequent a joint in one day. THat’s besides the point!), only 2 out of 10 parties do not belong to this group of people. Every time I sit down at a table in BK, the person on my left, would be explaining some policy and sliming the rest of the insurance companies/agents. On my right, the person would be pointing excitedly at a file, about how fast you can get rich on an MLM fastrack career and that Robert Kiyosaki has endorsed it, before proceeding to urge the prospect to read Robert Kiyosaki’s book – Business School (something like that).

Well, I don’t have anything against insurance agents or MLM sales agents. Hell! One of my good friends is from the insurance industry and my very own brother is a financial planner! Some of my friends are from MLMs.

There’s a joke going around, that if you pick up a rock and throw it at a crowd of people, chances are, you will hit an insurance agent or an MLM agent. I didn’t start this joke, so don’t spam my email.

Anyway, as I was saying (I have this fond habit of wandering off-topic), BK… Right, our favourite guessing game in BK, would be :

1. Which insurance/MLM company is he from? The right answer gets a stick of french fries.

2. The common mistakes of a salesperson.

3. Will he close the deal?

One day, Laval decided that he’s sick of the game and of hearing the same old scripts again and again. You can’t help but hear them, when they are sitting around you!! So he suggested that we go to Yoshinoya and he thought it was a brilliant idea, because it’s a rather small place, so according to probability calculations, we should have a smaller chance of meeting them.

So we uprooted ourselves and trudged to Yoshi. Hey! Great! No agents there at all. We were going to dig into our beef bowls, when, an insurance agent (I think he’s from GE), came in with his client. At this point of time, Laval went mad, stood up and started screaming, “why are they everywhere?!”

Ok ok, so he didn’t do that in public! I would have dug a hole with my chopsticks and hide in it if he did. But I’m sure that’s what he was thinking as he rolled his eyes.

Personally, I as just wondering, how effective is it, to do a review with a client at a fast food joint? I had the unenviable experience of doing a presentation to a client in Macs. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, because, I will never do that again! Hah! I had to scream at my client at the top of my lungs, to combat the noise level raised by the pesky kids and chattering people. At the end of the day, I was not sure if he even heard a word. As expected, the deal wasn’t closed. Ineffective, ineffective. Besides, every one in the joint would have known how much you are insured for, etc.

My boss would scream at us, “I spent a 6-figure sum to rent this swanky office and 1 million dollars on renovation, just for you to do your presentation at MACS!?”

For me, I usually request that my clients meet me at my office. One of my friends commented,”Eh.. Miss, do you think you are still a purchaser? So Dao (hoity-toity in Hokkien)! Make the clients come to your office?! How to do sales like this?!”

“My office is nice mah! You can see boats cruising by and you even get free kopi (coffee)!! Cheaper than going to fast food joints!”

Hmm… Come to think of it. Maybe I shouldn’t put up this article at all. If all the insurance agents and MLM salespeople boycott my blog, then no one will ever read it again?! Heck lar! *Bo Chap! Not as if I’m enjoying 10000 hits a day anyway!

*Bo Chap = I can’t care less! (Local dialect)

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