Catching up!

Catching up!

 Wowee! Just checked the date. Realised that I have been MIA-ing (Missing in Action) for the whole month. 

Yeah. My poor toe was so sore that I couldn’t hobble over to the computer to type. A little update on the injury – the pain is gone, but it looks like I may  be losing the nail soon. I will try not to go into the gross details but it seems to be clinging on to the flesh by just a wee bit. I still can’t imagine how my big toe will look like without the nail. Argh!

Now, on to my blog.  Surprise surprise! The counter is still ticking even after I have stopped posting.  For a while, I thought that, “Gee! I really have these die-hard fans out there!” These self delusions were dashed when Rosa revealed that they have been using my blog as a link bookmark to everyone else’s blog. Duh! So much for a Ah Wei Fanclub in the making. I am very much reassured that at least my blog still has a little use in this world. I guess the way to keep it going is not to post more but to add more links to it.  Sigh, oh cruel world!!

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