Super Super Mario Brothers 3!!!!

Super Super Mario Brothers 3!!!!

Does this ring a bell? If yes, congrats *shake your hand*!! We belong to the same nintendo Mario butt kicking generation!! Never mind the 3D games which are available now.  Super Mario Brothers (SMB) still has that magnetic draw for me.  Images of shelled geese, evil mushrooms, the red and green little men with moustaches etc.

I have played the game for hours and hours during my teething years, however, I do not ever recall ever completing it.

However, now, thanks to Yy, I now have a short media file on how to complete SMB3 within 11 mins! Do I hear someone mumble, “Nah! It’s impossible!!” Well, this jaw-dropping demonstration will certainly prove that nothing in this world is impossible. 

So, marvel at the player’s impeccable timing and superb knowledge of the SMB world. 

By the way, one more thing to take note of, whenever I managed to get a 1 up (increase in life), I could feel tears of joy and satisfaction forming behind my eyelids.  BUT, for this guy, he accumulates lives like nobody’s business!!!!! In fact, he has even accrued more than the max. number (which is 99, for that matter) allowed! Life is just so unfair! Hmpf!

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