Kinky Ironing Board

Kinky Ironing Board

Something to cheer myself up with… oooh Kinky stuff… *whistles*

This link was enthusiastically contributed by Pig, who is extremely well-informed of my perverted preferences. Presto! An Ironing Board! Specially tailored to the needs of my domestic skills, I am set to become one of the top “ironers” in the world. The “What the **** is this confounded crease doing on the other side of the shirt! Heck! No one will see it there anyway! *pretends that the crease is not there*” statement will never spill out of my mouth again. Not only that, I will industriously create creases, oops, and iron them out again, all because of this wondrous board. I wonder how long it will take for the novelty to wear off.

Anyway, as I was telling him, I prefer the Asian look. For a Bae Yong Jun/Louis Koo board, I will gladly resign from my day job and become a professional ‘ironer’!!

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