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Day: December 6, 2002



There! I have done it, I am the heartless animal owner. I have given Hammie away to one of my friends, who is staying in Munich. Somehow, along the way, I have grown attached to the little bundle of problems and its ingenious disappearing acts.

It has, finally, started to respond to my touches and caresses. During its good hair days, it would let me pat it and scratch its fat belly, while reclining in bliss. Not only that, I have begun to recognise its eating patterns as well. The pesky rodent simply adored sunflower seeds, hated the healthy nuts and practically went crazy at the sniff of the sinful Nutella.

The space where its cage had been, seems emptier than ever. Sigh… I am going to miss the brat.

(I hope it is not giving its new owner a difficult time. It had managed to escape in the darkness of the very first night of my ownership. Its escapades will go on, but it has been passed on to yet, another unfortunate soul.)

The ending of a love-hate affair…..