Footprints on the Map

Footprints on the Map

I can feel the Wanderlust stirring in my blood again. Sigh! I have not set foot out of Singapore since last September!! (Unless you count Johor…) I have never been caved in for such a long time. I have always had the “luxury” to travel on the job. Hands seem to be trembling as I am typing. That must be one of my withdrawal symptoms.

I have always wanted to mark down countries/cities where I have travelled to. However, being a person of many plans but few executions (less, not that I’m back in Singapore. Somehow, I feel as if all my time has been sucked away to God-knows-where.), the beautiful laminated map has been lying, forgotten til this moment, on the floor of my spare room. Poor map, I will probably use it as a mat once it gets more furry with dust.

Anyway, I found this less attractive but more convenient map.

There! The red bits are highlighting the countries which I have been to. Strange. For all the money which I have spent, it seems that I have covered miserably few. Looks like I have to spend more time on Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. Failing miserably there. Well, at least it’s better than Pig’s one. Some consolation there.

Hmmm.. The map is jutting out. I have no idea how to adjust it. Duma, Help!!!!

Here’s the link to Create your own visited country map

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