Keeping Up with My New Resolution….

Keeping Up with My New Resolution….

Opps! I have recently made a new resolution (that’s right, just after I have revamped the look of the blog), that I would write a blog a day. Sigh! I can only blame it on my hideous lack of discipline and failing memory (why do you think I failed most of my History exams/tests/whathaveyous??).

However, I must redeem myself, however slightly, for this (hehe, more excuses). Why?! Because…. the stupid IT support (yeah! Excuse module 101, always find someone else to blame) for my company is changing the server, erm.. modifying something here and there (he gave me a 10 mins torrent of uncomprehensible IT jargon, I gathered that he’s changing SOMETHING) and it caused my laptop to be unconnectable to the internet! See!! Look at the frustrations that I’m going through?

So poor me has to get up at 7am in the morning, so that I can get to the office by 9am (don’t ask me what i did between 7-9am, some time has to be attributed to travelling etc) and lay stake on one of the few common computers (see the look of triumph on my face?!) and BLOG! NOW, do you see the commitment level there?! I could have slept til 9am!! My next appointment in the morning is at 10am…..

Right, so now that I’ve established this routine and with an iron will, I will endeavour to delight you with more bitching.

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