Kito Sneak Attack!!!

Kito Sneak Attack!!!

Night Vision mode activated.

Multiple Targets locked on.


Kito buries its miniscular sting repeatedly into a few spots of the left foot of the poor victim.

Object successfully retrieved and digested.

Next Target area locked on.

Kito makes its move as the left hand scratches the inital bombed zone.

4 Target grounds bombed and objects successfully retrieved.

Sneak Mission successfully comple…ted…

Kito goes into convulsions….and clutches its neck…..

Blood … is… poisonous……

Kito makes one last twitch as life drains away from it.

Muahhahahah!!!! Face the wrath of Ah Wei!!!! Warning to all Kitos… Sting me and die!!! Muahahahahah!!!!!

That will teach you for harassing me for the whole night!!! Muahahahahah!!!!!

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