Spread the Blessings. 

Spread the Blessings. 

It’s been 2 days since I “blew up“. The mist has cleared, the dust has settled. 

I was so busy at work that I hardly had time to dwell on it, except for the 15 mins that I spent, furiously blogging about it. I finally have time to have a cup of tea, indulge in a little junk food (Macs fries!! 😍😍 That’s where I am right now.), reread my blog post and well, self-reflect (actually stone is a better word because I’m still very tired) on it. 

I donate to charity organizations yearly because I subscribe to T Harv Eker’s idea of distribution of earnings (Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind), which is to donate 10% of earnings to charity or the needy. 

Raffles place, where my office is, has a lot of “tissue aunties” and people bearing registration cards, which authorize them to ask for donations on the streets. Maybe it’s because Raffles Place is perceived to be a place where “rich” people are, after all every single bank in Singapore has an office here and bankers are the richest people around (no?? 😅). 

“Tissue aunties” exist everywhere. They usually are old folks who buy the tissue packets from supermarkets, split them up and sell them at a much higher price. I occasionally buy from them, depending on my needs. But the general natural reaction of all folks, is to say “no” whenever they are approached. It’s just a natural protection reflex that the brain has built into the system to refuse or say no when it doesn’t have time to process the “logic”. 

I used to be in a default “no” mode too. Because there’s been many reports in the newspapers that a minority of these people are scammers. And nobody likes to be taken for a fool. And I have always believed that, in pandering to begging, it’s encouraging them not to work. And there are just so many of them around and they are so “in the face”. 

But some time back, in one of my stoning self reflecting sessions, I figured that for every wrong person I refuse, I run the risk of not helping a genuine one. So now, I just buy tissues (I can start a tissue store now) whenever I come across any “tissue auntie” or any donation raiser. 

Once, my friend asked, “What happens if that person is not a genuine case?” I thought for a while and told her, “What goes around, comes around.” Whatever good or bad will eventually make a full circle and come back to that person. If that person is dishonest, it’ll eventually come back to haunt him. That’s probably what karma is all about. And the amount that I use to buy tissues or bag tags or key chains (ya, now it’s no longer just tissues), may mean a huge lot to them. 

But I still draw the line when I see able-bodied people begging (face it, selling tissues IS a form of begging. Seriously, who needs 3 packets of tissues at one shot?). 

So, yes, my Dad WILL be rewarded for his generosity, even if it’s to an underserving person (I still maintain my opinion on that. And yes, there’s this thing about KARMA!! 👿👿👿). Maybe that’s why I’ve been so lucky all my life!! His good deeds karma has rubbed off on me. I’m always in the right place, right time and the right people always appear when I need help! 

So, in a way, it’s a blessing to give (especially to the real needy. I reiterate on THIS!) because in order to be able to give, we must be in the position to do so. 

So share the blessings…! 💦💦💦❤️❤️❤️

(UNLESS you blatantly know that that person doesn’t earn it!! With reference to a certain person.) 

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