East Coast Park on a Weekday Morning

East Coast Park on a Weekday Morning

It’s been dinosaur years since I’ve some “Me” time. This peaceful hour comes at a price. I’m down with flu with a sneaky fever that goes away in the day but creeps back at night.

I fetched my Dad and 小小宝贝 to his accompanied class but I couldn’t join in for fear that I might infect the rest of the toddlers. So here I am. At the East Coast beach.

It’s a totally different place on a weekday and on a weekend.


I don’t get my eardrums burst by the incessant screaming of children. ( I even get to hear the clash of the waves.) I don’t get run over by the cyclists or scootists (the ones on scooters).

Sigh… Life is good.

I even see this!


I can really get used to this. The thought of doing this full time has crossed my mind. Oh well! Just this moment of indulgence!

Just enjoy the present and the cool sea breeze.

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