Ming Ming’s Diary – Mama Can You Buy Me a Phone Pulease?!

Ming Ming’s Diary – Mama Can You Buy Me a Phone Pulease?!


Have you missed me??? I was so sick sick sick yesterday. I thought that I was getting better but apparently yesterday was the turning point – downwards.

It hit me so fast and furious that I was k.o. My nose was dripping so much that I blew some bubbles with my nose!

No photo? Ya… Mama was out working so no phone = no photo. I was pretty impressed with my bubble blowing nose sigh..!!

I should ask Mama to get me a phone so that I don’t have to hunt for a phone in the house to take photos!!


Mama can you buy me a phone pulease?!!

Do you think it’ll work?? My Jie Jie does this all the time. But it’s on Papa though… I wonder if it’ll work on Mama??

But she has bigger eyes than me, double eyelids, thick curly eyelashes and I don’t!!! Why don’t I have double eyelids??? So unfair!

In one of the fashion magazines that I read (I read magazines during lunch time. Of course I can read!! Check out my photos!!), I can perm my eyelashes.

And it also says that I can fly to Korea and get a double eyelid over lunch. Cool dude!!

Then I can join that Korean competition and make a video that says, “I’m proud to be a Singaporean!!”

Huh? If I save up all the money without eyelash perming and double lidding in Korea I’ll have enough for a smart phone or camera??

Hmm… You do have a point there…

Ok lor… I’ll continue to scavage for phones on the floors. Beggars can’t be choosers. 😕


What am I doing??? Guessss…

I’m catching my mucus in my cup so that it doesn’t drip onto the floor.

HEHEHEHE! Got cha!!! Of course not? Do I look like such a disgusting baby??? *brilliant smile*

I was only drinking my water. Replenishing water loss from my nose. 😜

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