Ming Ming’s Diary – Just Another Morning..!!

Ming Ming’s Diary – Just Another Morning..!!

Wakey wakey! It’s moorrrnnning!! Rise and SHINE!!


C’mon guys! Wake up!! Look at the time!! The sun is shining on your butts!!


Wakey people!!!!


See! It’s so bright that I need to put on my sunglasses. And I’m starving!! I need breakfast dudes!!


Oh yes! I look like a rock star. But even rock stars have to eat!

Hey! I heard you! What do you mean by 现在一条龙,等一下变成虫?! I ain’t no earthworm!! 😡😡😡


You are just plain jealous that I’ve a cute babe combing my hair for me.


Huh?? You want her phone number?? Can.. That depends on how nice you are to me… Queue to jb already.

Why is everyone trying to bribe me with milk. I’m already eating purée.

My favourite?? Apple purée!! No apple no number!!

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