101 Sleeping Positions – Position #3

101 Sleeping Positions – Position #3

I haven’t been posting 小小宝贝’s quirky sleeping positions. So here goes.

He started off sleeping in an orthodox manner – head on small pillow, feet pointing towards the bottom of the bed.

At this moment –


There were a few transitional positions before he arrived at this one. He was virtually going 360° on the bed. Mind you, it’s a king sized bed. And the “debris” strewn all over the bed due to his cartwheeling moments.

Now he’s ended up on my side of the bed with his “dirty” feet on my pillow. Hmpf!

Just have to kick him back to his side of the bed.


My sweetie sleeping soundly. Poor little guy’s battle scars from a recent mosquito attack. I’ll miss him sorely when I transfer him to 宝贝’s room. But we need our bed back!

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