Ming Ming’s Diary – It’s a Wonderful Day!

Ming Ming’s Diary – It’s a Wonderful Day!

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Rise and shine!!! 📢📢📢

First things first! What do Singaporeans like to do?? Complain?? No lar. We like to take food instagrams!! Do I have an Instagram account? Of course not! I’m already busy enough sneaking updates for my Blog. I’ll be a dead baby if my Mama finds out that I’ve an Instagram account as well!!

So as a true blue Singaporean baby, here’s my first food photo of the day!! Ta da! My breakfast!!!


What’s this? Can’t you tell??? My Papa will be so hurt. It’s rock melon (lovingly blended by Papa) cereal. *nom Nom nom*

You don’t understand why when food arrives, we shout,”don’t eat!! Take photo first!!”?

Orh! You are not a Singaporean then.

Yippy! I’ve international readers! Look! Food is an important part of our lives. We.worship.food!!!


I’m a goner!! Someone’s whispered to me that my Mama has found out about my blog!!! I need to hide! I need a plan!! I need HELP!!!

Who?! Who has told her about it?!

Goodbye sweet world!! 😩


*gulp* maybe this would help. *Shimmering tearing eyes with repentant look*

My Jie Jie does this all the time. She has large eyes with thick eyelashes. I think they drew the puss in boots image based on her photo. Papa always forgives her when she does that. Erm… Not sure if it works for Mama though.

✌️I promise I’ll be a good boy. Nooo!! You stupid fingers!! Not the victory sign!!! 3 fingers!!! The promise sign!!! I’m so going to be dead meat!!!

This calls for desperate measures. My Plan B!! My “I love Mom” romper and my best smile!!!


Mama I so so so so LOVE you!! 😘😘😘


Ah ha!!! See!! Women of all ages simply can’t resist my charms.

Mama says that I can write my blog as long as it doesn’t affect her phone usage and no swearing online. Sheesh! Who does she think I am? Al cappuccino??


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