Joy is…

Joy is…

Joy is him clutching my fingers in his little toddler hands while he sleeps. Because I know that one day his hands will outgrow mine and he won’t need me anymore.

Joy is him wanting me to cuddle him while he sleeps. Because I know that he will soon outgrow my cuddles and cease being a mommy’s boy.

Joy is having his sweet sleeping face just a breath away from mine. Because I know that he will soon want to have his own bed and room and a life of his own.

Joy is to savour the present moment and appreciate how lucky I am.

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  1. Joy, is enjoying every moment now, hoping one day, he will replicate the love and care shown to him to those deserving around him.

    And maybe, just maybe, he will blog about how his growing up years were so filled with maternal love that he knows not how else to love but with his whole heart.

    That is our job as parents.

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