Homemade Almond Milk

Homemade Almond Milk

Hmm… I seem to be doing a lot of posts on food lately. Trying to be more domesticated for the sake of the children.

The food stuff I do aren’t too adventurous… pretty idiot proof on the whole. Well, considering my less than illustrious track record in home economics, they are usually very simple to prepare. I should list out my home economics exploits one day…

I have been ordering almond milk (original and unsweetened) from Iherb. 2 liter bottles and believe or not, the children finish them within 2-3 days!! Ok I do drink some of it (figured that since I pay so much for it, I should benefit from the high calcium and low fat properties too!)

However, the supply has been erratic because Iherb decides every other day to discontinue it!!! Gah!

I had to turn to a more expensive local source – silk almond milk from cold storage or market place. And even that source isn’t too reliable either. We buy up all the available stock (just 5 packets) at any branch whenever we see it!

I googled on the almond milk recipe and decided that it’s within my idiot proof skills to make it. So I started stocking up on organic almonds, for rainy days….

It doesn’t come any cheaper than the store bought ones (not factoring the p$ per hour of my time that I used to make it) but it’s awfully tedious!!! And messy… Maybe it’s just me… 😅

Anyway, here goes …

2 packets of 213g of almonds yielded just about 2-3 liters. Only….

Soak the almonds in water, just enough to cover them for 1-2 days to remove the phytate. By removing the phytate, the body is able to absorb more of the goodness in the almonds. Basically, the longer the almonds are soaked, the more water they absorb, thus yielding a higher quantity of creamier almond milk.


My fat almonds – after being soaked for almost 2 days…


Add the almonds into the blender. For every cup of almonds, I use 2 cups of water. If you don’t like the original unsweetened taste of almond milk, you can add maple syrup / honey / other sweeteners to taste. Or you can even add pandan juice to make pandan almond milk!

Anyway it’s for the children, so no sweetener was added.

Then… Blend… Pretty no brainer right??? Hehe.


I pour the blender almond milk into a soup cloth to strain the almond bits out.


Looks yummy eh?? Why is it in a plastic container… I wasn’t quite prepared for it. No glass bottles at that point of time. So I just “hum tummed” any empty container I could turn out in my cupboard!!! Made a mental note to pick up proper glass bottles from Ikea. And a funnel too. I used to have one, but don’t know where it disappeared to. Sigh…


It’ll probably last 2-3 days.


I air fried the leftover almond bits at 160°C for 15 minutes. Quite crunchy and fragrant after that. 宝贝 has been eating it during snack time. Healthy snacks! I’ve been adding it to my breakfast cereal. Probably it can be added to cooking and even baking! So no wastage!

But damn! It was hard work!!! I drank a big cup of it to reward myself!

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