Phone Dementia!!

Phone Dementia!!

It’s unbelievable. My phone has 56gb of memory space and it’s all gone. Yes! If the next iPhone has more than 56gb then I’m going to preorder it!!

Yes yes! Of course I back up my phone. So what did I use the mem for?? Photos. Lots and lots of then. 5000 over…

90% of the photos are of my 2 little ones. Hmmm… Although they are backed up but I still like to carry them around. I like to scroll through them and marvel at how they have grown over time. Call it a mom’s nostalgia.

And yes, I’m a hoarder. I’m one of those who keep Christmas cards sent to me by my secondary school friends… I hoard everything. Although nowadays I’ve been more ruthless in my housekeeping. But still, memories are precious.

So yes….apple, please release your next iPhone model with more memory space very very soon ok!!

Meanwhile I’m trying to do some form of housekeeping and use up my pictures that I’ve stored for blog posts so that I can free up space to continue to snap pictures for keepsake. They grow up so fast!!!

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