Field Trip – Hort Park

Field Trip – Hort Park

“Mommy… All my friends’ Mommies and Daddies are always there, during the field trips, except mine…” Big eyes teary, little mouth quivering. (She’s honing her guilt trip skills.)

“Ok ok! I promise that I’ll be there for your next field trip!” Sigh…

So there I was. A parent volunteer for her Hort Park field trip. It’s only when I was there and I talked to a few mommies that I realised I’ve been taken for a ride by a 4 year old. Only a few Moms were there. 😡

As a parent volunteer, I was basically assigned 4 children and I just needed to keep them in line, help them with toileting etc. Easy Peasy.


The kiddos were armed with their hats, water bottles and well slathered with sunblock and insect repellant. That’s 宝贝 right in front, beaming under her Japanese soldier cap because “her Mommy was there”, she proudly proclaimed to all her friends. Taking the day off was worth it, since it made her so happy. They were lining up, ready to make their way out of the school to board the bus.


Swinging her arm with her partner-of-the-day, Siya, at the entrance of Hort Park.


All looking very serious for a very important part of the trip…..


The picnic! Before the walk even started… 😅 Tucking into their buns and apple juices.

With the children well-fed, the educational walk began.


Edible plant section – Okra! My favourite!


Brinjal, pretty in purple!


Hello, Mr Scarecrow!

This was where we tried to take a class photo. Mission impossible!!


Taking off her cap and fanning herself with it. Now I know why it’s called Hort Park… It was bloody HOT. Ok. Bad pun over there. But before long, I was drenched in perspiration as well…


The kiddos were getting restless from an overdose of plants and sun.


All were ordered by teacher Yvonne to put on their caps.


Soon, the complaints starting pouring in. They sure can complain, considering that they are only 3-4 yr olds.
“I can’t walk anymore. I’m soooo tired”
“Where’s the bus? When are we boarding it??” (Bus = air con)
“Where’s the air con??”

We, parents, were commenting, “all these pampered kids!!! Terrible!” I couldn’t really blame them. I was yearning for air con myself. 😜


Cheer up! Sunflower!!


Playground!! The highlight of Hort Park wasn’t the plants but this!! Suddenly, every one of them was no longer hunched while walking, no more complaints. They tapped into the secret source of energy within themselves to sprint to the playground.




Her gleeful grin at the top of the slide.


Snoozing in the bus?? Nah! She’s just pretending.

Is it a trend to stick plasters on themselves? Look at their legs…


A moment later, chatting with Siya in some Russian coded English. I couldn’t figure out what’s so funny that they kept giggling during the entire conversation. It takes a 4 yr old to understand another 4 yr old. I’m overaged…

Back home, totally fatigued from the hot sun and long walking. The bed was beckoning, but I had to drag myself up to change and go for work. Work eventually ended at 10pm that night. I was ready to faint from fatigue….

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