Armpit Baby

Armpit Baby

My darling armpit baby. It’s strange that they like to snuggle into my armpit when they sleep. 宝贝 was like that. Now it’s 小小宝贝’s turn. Maybe they feel especially snug and secure in that position. She doesn’t do it now. She still loves to lie beside me though.

Although I was feeling the ache from being in the same position for such a long time, but the peaceful look on his serene sleeping face. Only at this age. Only with this look. When the sleepy head wakes up, he will blink his eyes a few times and break into an earnest, loving smile when he sees me. I’m just waiting for that moment. 🙂 for the one babyish, innocent, loving smile. *melt* Live for the moment…


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    1. Those are the cuter moments. Not cute when he cries until his face turns red and the neighbours think that we are indulging in child abuse. =.=”

  1. I would love to try the armpit thingy with wifey. Although I’m not sure if she will take it too kindly to being smothered by the overwhelming fragrance of my man perfume…

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