A Wonderful Start to a Brand New Year 2013

A Wonderful Start to a Brand New Year 2013

This is a momentous day so I must blog about it before it’s over.

I received a surprise bouquet. First one since the one I received for my birthday 4 years back!! He saved a lot of money huh?!

We have decided not to buy flowers on cut throat days e.g. Valentine’s day. Why let the florists earn the extra amount?! May as well give the cash to me. But sigh…. Conveniently, the number of bouquets dwindled to nil.

Anyway, to look on the bright side, it’s a brand new year. A cheery bouquet on 01.01.2013 kickstarts a promising new year. It can double up as a new year’s bouquet, early valentine’s for all I care.

To be grateful for what I have and to cherish them is one of my resolutions for year 2013 and every year after.

Cheers everyone! I’m looking forward to the next few days when I will receive the greatest gift for the year of 2013!! 🙂

Akan datang!!


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  1. wahahahah.. anyways i agree with no flowers on special days but surprises are ‘worth’ more during the non special days..

    I love flowers (certain type) not all thou..

    shall buy flowers for myself when i reach 30.. haven’t had any flowers from any bf yet so far.. damn sad 1..

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