Chiltern House Charity Carnival 2012

Chiltern House Charity Carnival 2012

It was a super super hot morning. I almost had a sunstroke that day. It’s the morning of the Chiltern House Charity Carnival 2012. It was a grand event, held at the East Coast Park, with marquees, game stalls, food stalls, bouncy castles and all.

The food was donated by parents and the teachers spent a lot of effort and time preparing for the games. All the proceeds went to set up an English programme for a rural Thai village. Volunteers (parents and teachers) signed up for the trip to help out with this programme.

We will probably sign up for the one in the following year when 弟弟 turns one. It will be a good chance to expose 宝贝 to volunteer work and I’m sure she can do her little bit to help out.

We were given some a goodie bag with some game tickets. We bought more. The money was for a good cause anyway.

After giving her teachers welcoming hugs, she made her way to the bouncy castle where some of her friends were. Check out my little jumping bean in white and blue, jumping her heart out!

After 10 mins of jumping in the sun, that meant I was baking for the same amount of time too!! I banned her from further activities in it!!! It was me lar. I couldn’t stand the sun. I dragged her to the game stalls where her favourite teacher was. Her rings missed everything. But she was given a little toy as a consolation. I figured that she’d do better at the handicraft stalls. 🙂


Her intense look of concentration, with her usual “tongue sticking” habit as she worked on her apple Chinese painting.



One apple done. Adding leaves to the apple. Starting on apple no 2.

Completing apple no 2.


Finishing touches. The little artist signing off with a flourish.


Next, it’s heading exercise! We chose to bead a bracelet. (It’d have taken forever to bead a necklace. I didn’t think I had the patience to wait it out in the sauna.)

Same intense look of concentration.




She was extremely proud of her bracelet. It was sheer hard work of patience. I also admired the patience of the queue behind her. =.=”

It was time to go. I could no longer stand the heat wave. Where’s the cool rain when you needed it?? We spent the rest of the tickets on games and bought lunch back.

I messaged the hub, next year he’d better take leave as it’s meant to be a family event. Or else she would start addressing him as uncle, instead of daddy, soon. I look forward to resting in the tree shade next year!!

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