A Giraffe and a Camel?!

A Giraffe and a Camel?!

Wanted to share this because I found it pretty hilarious…

宝贝 was holding the leash of her toy camel and dragging it around the living room.  She does that quite often all the time, pretending that she’s walking her dog.. =.=” But this time, seated on her camel was a …. giraffe?!

Me : What are you doing? Why is the giraffe sitting on the camel??

宝贝: We are taking a walk and the giraffe is tired…. so it’s riding the camel.

Me : (ah ok…) Where are you going to?

宝贝: We are going to Shop n Save (there’s a shop n save about 5 mins walk away.  My dad brings her there quite often for grocery shopping.) to buy pears.

Me : O.o

I felt so tickled by the sight of the giraffe on the camel and her most unusual story…. My girl is growing up, she brings her pets shopping for pears!!

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