Angry Birds have Invaded My House! Help!!

Angry Birds have Invaded My House! Help!!

A picture speaks a thousand words, not to mention TWO pictures…

For someone who doesn’t watch the television, she sure knows all the famous characters like Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse and friends, Winnie the Pooh, Pororo, Doraemon etc

I came home to find all her angry birds stickers all over her chest of drawers… One consolation – at least they were not on the wall.  Where did she get the stickers from?? Mystery solved – the doctor gave them to her when she visited him for a visit yesterday for a running nose, because she greeted him “Doctor, 早安!”

If only everyone one I say good morning to, will buy stuff from me, I’d be blogging all day and not once a day!  Maybe I should bring her along when I meet the clients.. Hmm.. idea…

She’s been coming home with freebies and all, it’s time to teach her not to accept gifts from strangers… She came home with a cow coin bank, given to her by the NTUC cashier because she greeted her and smiled at her… Many angry bird stickers and erasers from the dentist and doctor she visited. I brought her to Marina Barrage to exercise her legs, she came back with balloons and sweets from the picnickers… and some other little incidents

I should bring her to condo launches, maybe she will come back with a free house?! *V*

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