Triapsing on Solo

Triapsing on Solo

I haven’t done this for the longest time ever. 8 years to be exact. The last time I did a solo trip was during my stint in Germany. Solo was the norm because there simply wasn’t anyone else whom I could travel with. Good travelling partners (like my dear Sharon!!) who are game for anything (I mean, REALLY anything, including nutty things) are hard to come by.

Weighing the pros and cons of traveling solo or with a partner whose interest differs greatly from mine, I’d rather travel alone. Holiday time is scarce and short and I simply don’t have the patience, nor do I see the need to spend time on activities that hold no attraction for me.

This solo trip after 8 years hiatus is filled with anticipation and yet, reluctance. Anticipation to discover a foreign place, to leave behind the stress and worries. Reluctance due to inertia and having to leave Yihui behind. We have not been separated for more than 24 hrs since she was created. I can only satisfy my longing with the pictures and videos I’ve taken of her in my iPhone. (the iPhone is a truly wondrous creation. Thank you Steve!!)

Anyway, it’s time to get off my butt and do some exploring. I’m slightly better prepared. I’ve my bus tickets and even a hotel booked!! Compared to my previous trips, (only booked air ticket and rented a car, everyone thought I was crazy to do that) I’m way over prepared.

Czech, here I come!!

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    1. Thanks Corsage! My hubby and mom are very supportive of it and are helping me take care of Yihui. That’s why I can do it. I actually “applied” for 14 days “leave” but negotiated down to 7 days because they don’t think my daughter can stand me being away for so long. I’m missing her already. 🙂

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