I am a Flasher!

I am a Flasher!

Haha! Gotcha! Had a shock?

It happened yesterday, in a long, dark tunnel…  my first drive in more than a month in my Dad’s car.

Being a good, compliant Singaporean, once I entered the KPE (Kallang-Paya lebar Expressway)(Singaporeans simply love acronyms!), I switched on my car headlights.  “Hey! Why isn’t my dashboard lighted up? Is the light out of order?!”

Snap, Click.. (switching off the lights) Hmm.. there seems to be a slight difference in the brightness.

Snap, Click.. (switching on the lights) Well… It does look a wee bit brighter but still, it’s not as bright as it should have been.

Snap, Click.. Snap, click… Snap, click… Oh no! I must inform my Dad that his dashboard light is down and it’s NOT MY FAULT.

Snap, Click.. Snap, click… I felt an itch on my face, lifted my hand to scratch it.. Hey! What’s this! Sunglasses!!!

Silly Me!! I have forgotten that I had my sunglasses on when I was driving down the tunnel… No wonder the light looked dim! The guy in the car in front of me must have thought that I have been flashing some kinky message at him in MORSE code?! It’s a wonder that he didn’t blink a message back.  But then again, I was probably too occupied with figuring out whether the light was working to notice it even if he did.

Hehe.. *goofy grin*

Just a little adventure in my mundane boring life. >.<

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