I Simply Can’t Understand …

I Simply Can’t Understand …

Do you remember when you were in primary school and your English teacher always wrote the first few words of a sentence on the blackboard (Yes… no white boards during my dinosaur era. I simply loved eating chalk dust. =p) and expected you to churn up a few pages of writing from that? Well, that’s simply what I’m doing.

I simply cannot understand why people would spend $7 per hour to employ a telemarketeer to do *cold calling. And YET instead of letting the telemarketeer call in peace, engage them in chit chat. Hmm… It doesn’t sound like a very good business plan to me because, aren’t they paying the telemarketeer to chit chat with them?! Hey! I can even do it for free!! Good money eh? So the telemarketeer called 1 person, got very kindly rejected by that person, turned to the “employer” and said,”how arh? got rejected.” Then the “employer” indulged in 30 mins of chit chat, out of which only 5 mins was dedicated to the original problem.

I simply cannot understand why people would pay $7 per hour for someone to chit chat with them. AND it’s not even dirty talk.

*cold calling refers to the activity of obtaining a list of contacts (usually made up of strangers), picking up the phone and calling them to interest in a service or product which one is marketing. If you need a better definition, there’s always Google out there. If you don’t know how to Google, please consult a kindergarten going child.

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