Morning! You are Early!

Morning! You are Early!

“Morning! You are Early!”
Isn’t there a strange morning greeting?! What’s even stranger is, I am there, at the same time, at the same seat every single day. The strangest thing is, the people who usually say that, are never this early.

I find it as senseless as “Have you eaten today?” Of course, I have eaten today! If I don’t eat every day, you won’t have the chance to speak to me, right? I mean, if you have nothing better to say, then just smile (practise our Singapore’s 4 million smiles campaign) and walk off, instead of saying something lame for the sake of saying something.

Some poor excuses of conversation fillers:
1. Have you eaten?
2. Have you eaten and are you full? (DUH! Most commonly used by people of the older generation)
3. Are you working today? (When you are in a suit and carrying a laptop. Gosh, no, I’m wearing the suit for fun and I’m actually carrying my laptop around to watch YouTube and to play Age of Empire!)
4. Is your work very tiring? (No, it’s certainly a breeze.)
5. When are you getting a boyfriend? (The inevitable question, if you are still single.)
6. When are you getting married? (After you have satisfied Qn 5, they go on to the next one.)
7. When are you getting your first baby? (A followup question for qn 6)
8. When are you getting your next baby? (Yet, another followup questions to qn 7. I mean, is it part of their business if I’m getting a boyfriend, a husband, a baby or yet another baby or a divorce etc?! Sheesh! Why don’t they ask me when’s my birthday and give me a present for it?!)

These are the more commonly asked questions. Will add on to the list when I think of more.

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