Clip Clop Heels

Clip Clop Heels

Gone were the days when I possessed only 1 pair of brown heels and 1 pair of black heels (to match my meagre wardrobe which consisted of black/beige clothes), since Yinghui introduced me to strappy heels. Now, I have a few pairs in varying degrees of brown and black. Hah! (So if you happen to spy someone dressed in black or brown, that’s moi!) Ok ok, go ahead and yawn at my boring wardrobe.

Anyway, to walk down a flight of stairs on a pair of strappy heels and to maintain the elegant posture, it takes a lot of patience and skill – 2 qualities absent from the very core of me. Therefore, imagine me, grimacing as I attempted my light-footed walk down the stairs, just to keep the decibels down. Picture the internal stress that it caused in me. I was almost experiencing a nervous breakdown, every time I come to a flight of stairs.

So, recently, I have given up all attempts to look ladylike and walking lightly down. What the heck! I simply bounced down the stairs in my normal manner and took pride in the deafening “clack clack” made by my heels. I received a few shocked looks from my fellow stair-walkers. Hey! It only gave me a chance to smile at them and make their day/night! Why not!

Therefore, I have resolved that I shall walk loudly and make the presence of my strappy heels known! If you want to walk down the stairs, why do it like a mouse?! Make it loud and clear and known!

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